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GIE 2019 Best Outdoor Power Equipment

2015 GIE Expo

GIE 2019 was packed with exciting new outdoor power equipment. Cordless is making a bigger impact on day-to-day lawn care while gas is focusing even more on increasing your productivity so you’re more profitable. Check out some of the best equipment we saw this year at the GIE+Expo!

GIE 2019 Best Outdoor Power Equipment

Makita XCU08/09 Top Handle Chainsaw

Makita’s new top-handle chainsaws are a great cordless solution for arborists and utility workers. Available with a 14″ or 16″ bar and chain, they make quick work of small to medium size work at height and feature a torque boost mode when you need some extra muscle in hardwoods.

Learn more at Makita’s website and keep your eyes open for our full review.

Hustler Super 88 Stand-On Mower

The Hustler Super 88 boasts a productivity-boosting 88″ mowing deck with the cut quality of a 54″. Where some large-deck mowers have trouble making an even cut on berms or dips, the Super 88’s fold-up wings travel up to 15º up or down while you’re mowing to adjust to the terrain.

It’s also one of the first brands to adopt Vanguard’s commercial engines with Oil Guard—a system that extends engine life and gives you up to 500 hours between oil changes.

Learn more about the Hustler Super 88 here.

EGO 56V 18″ Chainsaw

EGO’s new 18″ chainsaw has the power to fully replace other 18″ homeowner chainsaws and comes with several great design features. The oversize auto-tensioning dial keeps you from searching for your scrench in the middle of a job while an LED light gives you a clear view of your cut and red indicator makes it easy to know whether your chain brake is on or not.

Check out our full review or head over to EGO’s website to learn more.

Greenworks Lithium-Ion Residential Zero Turn Mower

Greenworks is launching its residential zero turn mowers using a lithium-ion power source. The 42″ and 48″ deck options use a lithium-ion battery as a power source and cover up to 2.25 acres with an hour of runtime on a charge. Once they launch, Greenworks plans to follow them up with a series of front-install attachments like blowers and sweepers.

Expect the residential ZT to start around $6995 ($7499 for the 48″). Discover more from Greenworks’ website.

CAT 306 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The big deal about CAT’s latest mini excavator is that they’re creating a completely new 6-ton class. It’s not a replacement for a 5 or 5-1/2-ton and opens up some of the limitations of those sizes. Its increased reach, lift, and swing are a big part of the buzz around landscape crews at GIE 2019.

Get more details from CAT’s website.

Cub Cadet Self-Leveling Air-Ride Seat

When you’re mowing slopes, Cub Cadet’s new Self-Leveling Air-Ride Seat swing up to 15º to either side, keeping your personal center of gravity more stable. Just unlock in when you’re mowing slopes and lock it back down when you’re not.

It’s available on Cub Cadet’s Pro Z 972 SDL. Check out the details on Cub Cadet’s website or read our review of the SD model.

ExMark Tractus Airless Tires

The Tweel has some competition from ExMark’s new Tractus airless tires. This version uses a honeycomb system for support and boasts 3–5 times the life of standard commercial ZT tires.

Keep your eyes on ExMark’s website or your local dealer for availability early in 2020.

Husqvarna All-Wheel Drive Automower

The newest addition to Husqvarna’s Automower line features an all-wheel-drive system that’s capable of mowing slopes up to 35º. Its unique separated body helps stabilize the unit as it follows its mowing pattern no matter what direction it needs to go.

Husqvarna also showed off an upcoming model that uses a beacon installed on your home and moves us closer to a wire-free robotic mower system.

Keep your eyes open for updates from Husqvarna.

Kawasaki Engines

Choosing the right power plant for your commercial lawn mowers is as important as getting a quality build. Kawasaki has options across nearly every major brand you can choose on a new model or switch to when its time for a repower.

Learn more at Kawasaki Engine’s website.

Did you attend the show or follow the coverage? What’s the coolest equipment you’re most excited about? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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