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2019 Greenworks Media Event – New Greenworks Tools

Best Greenworks Outdoor Power Equipment at GIE 2019

Last year we attended the Greenworks Lithium Z launch event in Mooresville (Charlotte), North Carolina. This year, promises of riding the new 82V UTV prodded us to venture up north to attend the 2019 Greenworks Media Event. We sampled more than a few new Greenworks tools this year.

Greenworks located their headquarters in an old 45,000 square foot former cotton mill in Mooresville, North Carolina. While the event started out slow with a series of PowerPoint slides, it managed to pique our interest with some interesting tidbits:

  • Greenworks claims that more battery/electric trimmers blowers and hedge trimmers were sold in North America than gas in 2018
  • Since 2015 OPEI shipments of battery mowers increased 200% vs a 7% decline in gas mower sales
  • Their new Lithium ZT and Stand-on mower batteries are UL certified (UL2271), having been put through 21 tests which include dripping, crushing, thermal testing, etc.
  • Greenworks has opened a new manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China specifically for ZT (zero turn mower) production
  • A new manufacturing plant in Vietnam opens in July 2019

New Greenworks Tools & Product Announcements

We saw more than 30 new Greenworks tools at the media event in North Carolina. The clear standouts from the day, however, included the following:

CU 800 Utility Vehicle

Greenworks powers the new Greenworks CU 800 UTV with 82V batteries. It has a top speed of 30 mph and a range of over 60 miles in optimal conditions. It can haul 500 pounds or tow up to 1500 pounds. Of course, you can also add lots of upgrades—like a winch, front windscreen, mud tires, or even camo wrap. We first spotted this UTV at the 2018 GIE Expo, but this was the first time we got to drive it.

48V/24V Dual Voltage Tools

Each year at the annual GIE Expo, we noticed a 24V line of Greenworks power tools. Now, Greenworks has revised the line into a 48V/24V Dual Voltage line. Similar to both DeWalt FlexVolt technology and Metabo HPT MultiVolt technology, the battery will operate at either voltage depending upon the tool. Light duty OPE tools and vacuums operate using the 48V mode while drills, drivers, and grinders run in 24V. So far, the line includes more than 30 tools.

The new Greenworks 48/24V tools will sell alongside Greenworks Commercial tools at dealers and provide solutions for repairs and maintenance needs. So far, the line includes the following tools:

Greenworks 48V Tools

  • Brushed 450CFM blower
  • Brushless 500CFM blower
  • 16″ chainsaw
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Push mower
  • Self-propelled mower
  • Pole hedger
  • Pole saw
  • String trimmer

Greenworks 24V Tools

  • 4-1/2″ Angle grinder
  • 1/2″ drill driver
  • Impact driver
  • LED flashlight
  • Shop Vacuum

Residential ZTR

Not satisfied to remain purely in the commercial market, Greenworks “stealth-announced” a new line of residential ZT mowers. These also operate off their 82V platform.  The new RZ 42R (42″ deck) and RZ 48R (48″ deck) residential ZTR mowers use a 3kW Li-ion battery to mow up to 1.8 acres. The new mowers should hit the market around Q3 2019. We’re expecting prices to start around $6995 for the 48″.

82V Cordless Wheelbarrow Spotted

We spotted this beauty off to the side at Greenworks Tools headquarters. While it’s not yet released here in the States, we can’t wait until it arrives. This 82V battery-powered wheelbarrow features an easy-lift bucket to quickly dump materials. It claims to carry about 350 lbs and should run all day long on a 5Ah pack for most uses. You’ve got forward and reverse modes as well as two gears (High/Low) plus a variable-speed thumb trigger.

Oldies But Goodies

While the main thrust of the even targeted the new UTV and 48/24V tools, plenty of fairly recent tools also got some attention. The GMS250 dual-blade 25″ lawnmower looks like a powerhouse that cut its way through ridiculously overgrown grass and weeds at the event.

We also took some time to ride the Lithium Z mowers, including the GZ 60R zero turn and the GZ 48S Stand-on mower.

Greenworks GS 181 Chainsaw

The Greenworks Commercial GS 181 82V chainsaw updates the GS 180 with, among other things, a narrower body. This occurred thanks to a different battery orientation (they rotated it 90 degrees). Greenworks also redesigned the chain oil reservoir system with a new window and cap. Ergonomics are much better overall.

Wrapping It Up

Greenworks Commercial doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so more products and innovation should follow. We saw a lot of new Greenworks tools this year. Next year there could be even more. For now, we have our eyes on the new UTV and 48/24V line of tools and products. We also believe the Residential ZTR mower could make some serious headway into getting more consumers onto these larger battery-powered mowers.

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Skyler Holman

1.8 acre $6000 residential ZT vs Ryobi’s 3 acre $4000 ZT? It’s a no brainer, unless I’m missing something.

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