Happy National Tradesmen Day! News & Opinion

Happy National Tradesmen Day!

Irwin Tools has proven in the past that it’s all about the Tradesmen. Last February we wrote an article about how Irwin Tools was calling for a National Tradesmen Day. Tomorrow, September 16, 2011, is that day. If you’re a Tradesman, then Irwin Tools hopes that you and everyone celebrates and recognizes the talent and contributions tradesmen make to keep America productive and running strong. This is the inaugural National Tradesmen Day and we’d like to start it off with a bang. After all, tradesmen build our roads, homes, businesses and schools, and they keep our cars running, our water flowing and our lights on. National Tradesmen Day is the perfect day to say ‘thanks’ to any type of tradesman, whether an auto mechanic, home builder, roofer, bricklayer, plumber, electrician, carpenter, woodworker or anyone who specializes in (or teaches) a skilled trade. This is the lifeblood of America – they make the things that keep us moving, playing, driving, riding and living. Without them, America’s infrastructure and our way of life would come to a sudden halt.


Mike Rowe’s testimony/endorsement of a national campaign to bring back recognition and promotion of the trades is particularly poignant and heartwarming and you can watch it here:

And that halt would be a rude awakening. One that we don’t want to happen a generation or two from now. The trades are a respected way to earn an honest living – and many have turned it into a regular art-form. Have you watched a bricklayer? How about a master trim carpenter or cabinet-maker? These trades are beautiful and it’s continually perplexing to me why more and more young people don’t run – literally – to the nearest skilled tradesman and seek to be taught these incredibly wonderful skills. In addition to the excellent pay associated with skilled tradesmen, the satisfaction factor of a job well done is unbelievably high. Try that with a cubicle.

So how do you celebrate National Tradesmen day? Well, first off, you can join Pro Tool Reviews and Irwin and just say “thanks” to tradesmen everywhere (and they are everywhere once you start looking). You can also encourage students and young adults to consider apprenticing as a plumber, electrician, builder, bricklayer, or other trade. Or maybe you can just hand the nearest tradesman a cool drink and say ‘hello’.


In either case, what’s important is that you, and hopefully those around you, appreciate what tradesmen do in America. The hope, of course, is to restore dignity and honor to the trades, which are quickly being lost to off-shore manufacturing and an unfortunate trend in this country that diminishes the value and job satisfaction of working with your hands. I can’t do without the products tradesmen make, and so – by natural deduction – I can’t do without them.

Be grateful. Be thankful. Thank a tradesman tomorrow.

Check out Irwin’s facebook page for more information on National Tradesmen Day.


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