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Hackers have reportedly made it around security features and stolen Home Depot credit card information. Information that the hackers collected could be used to make purchases on the accounts in question. The credit cards that have been compromised are not limited to just Home Depot store credit cards, but any credit or debit card that was used to make purchases at Home Depot.

The Home Depot credit card information was listed for sale on rescator.cc, which is a black market for this kind of data among other things. Rescator, the person highest on the suspect list, made a name for himself and his cyber-crime organization in 2013 when he stole and sold information from as many as 40 million Target credit and debit cards.

The organization makes its home online and is run by hackers from the Ukraine and Russia. In addition to the Target hack, they are also responsible for security breaches at P.F. Changs and Sally Beauty. This attack on Home Depot systems includes both American and European stores.

Officials got wind of the breach when Rescator moved 2 massive batches of credit and debit card information onto their website. Specialists back tracked that information and were able to identify Home Depot as the most likely victim of the attack. In response, Home Depot is working with law enforcement and banks to determine how to best protect their customer’s information while the investigation takes place.

The batches have been named “American Sanctions” and “European Sanctions”. It is speculated that the names, and possibly the attacks themselves, are in direct response to sanctions placed on Ukraine and Russia in the midst of their conflict. Early reports indicate that the attack began as early as April of this year and would potentially be much larger than the Target attack last year. It is currently thought that every Home Depot store may have been affected by the security breach.

What Do I Do In Response to the Home Depot Credit Card Theft?

For now the best thing you can do is keep an eye on any account that may have been used at the Home Depot. While it isn’t convenient, check daily for unauthorized purchases may be your best defense. A spokesperson from the Home Depot said that the company would contact affected customers once the extent of the threat if fully understood.


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