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How to Build Your Trade Business

It’s wonderful being a skilled craftsman, but it’s often a struggle to build your business. Sometimes the reason is outside your control—as it was when the residential housing market took a downturn. But often, ineffective communication and careless administration play a role. That problem can be fixed. Communicating clearly, from proposal to the follow-up after the job, strengthens your reputation. Many, however, still fail to do it. Rules and codes governing our work can change, but some contractors fail to keep current with them. You must be as good at speaking to your clients and honoring commitments as you are in your trade. So, if you’re struggling to grow and find work, here are few tips from the Pros on how to build your trade business.


How To Build Your Trade Business? Work the Plan

How To Build Your Trade BusinessComplete/Update and Review Your Business Plan (Yes, you need one!)


It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but forecasting and budgeting in a business plan can sometimes be the difference between getting the job and looking for work. It will also keep you focused on your mission.

Remain Current With Industry Rules and Regulations

Running afoul of regulations will certainly slow down your growth plan. For instance, did you know that in 2016 OSHA significantly changed the Permissible Exposure Level of crystalline silica?

Keep Every Jobsite As Safe As Possible

Although this is similar to #2, accidents can still happen. Be sure they don’t happen to you by taking preventative measures. Check out our 8 Essential Jobsite Safety Tips for a good start.

How To Grow Your Trade Business


How To Build Your Trade BusinessBe As Forthcoming in the Proposal Process as Possible

Remember that the customer doesn’t know what you know, so you have to make them comfortable with the scope of work, timeline, and price. Communicate clearly and follow-up as appropriate.


Give the Customer A Timeline For Completion

Be as accurate as you’re able given your time, material, and labor constraints. And, stick to it. If you can’t stick to the original plan for some reason, tell the customer and give the reason why.

Always Emphasize Customer Service

Plant the seeds of referrals by sowing happy customers now. Endorsements and testimonials are worth their weight in gold. If you do good work and serve the customer well, you’re in a position for growth.

How To Grow Your Trade Business

The Job Isn’t Done When the Job is Done

Showing appreciation for the opportunity to serve the customer doesn’t have to take a lot of time but can create a bond that solidifies the good work you’ve done in the client’s mind. Give them a call or shoot them a text message.


We wish you the very best as you determine how to build your trade business. If you add great customer service to your toolbox, your business and your customer will benefit.  If you’re a Pro and you have tips to build a trade business, add them in the comments below—or contact us with your own Pro tips.

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