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Irwin Marples Circular Saw Blades Announced

This week Irwin Tools launched a new line of circular saw blades – and they did it in Italy, here the blades are manufactured. Our friend Robert Robillard from was there to check it out first hand. Between his excellent reporting and the official news release, we can ascertain that these blades are going to hit the market with a lot of momentum. The new saw blades are designed to be high performance, precision laser cut, thin kerf blades that will come out under the well-known and highly-regarded Marples brand. Given the kerf and tooth configuration and design of the Irwin Marples circular saw blades, these are clearly intended for carpenters and custom wood craftsman as opposed to framers.


Irwin Marples Circular Saw Blades Features

The new Irwin Marples circular saw blades are hardly run-of-the-mill (pun intended). They feature oversized carbide teeth that can be resharpened as well as a coating that is designed to reduce and more quickly dissipate heat and prevent gumming. That means your cuts will be cleaner and, with respect to table saws, you can also maintain your feed speed when pushing wood through the blade. The blades will come in several sizes to meet most applications. The 10-inch diameter blade can be purchased with 24-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 80- or 84-tooth count, while the 12-inch diameter blade comes in 40-, 60-, 80-, 96- and 100-tooth count varieties. Irwin is also releasing an 8-inch 5-blade stacked dado set.

The new Woodworking Series of Irwin Marples circular saw blades are a big move for Irwin, which seemed to really target the construction market, but hadn’t really tackled the trim carpenter, furniture maker or cabinet guys. Now they’ve just about locked up the entire woodworking industry – at least in terms of who they can effectively serve.

The cool thing is that this isn’t a sudden move for Irwin – at least not in the “slap on our label” way that many companies operate. About a year ago Irwin connected with Piergiorgio Pozzo who’s family was very integrated with Freud Tools. That’s a great legacy. Though Pozzo hasn’t been with Freud since 2005, he now operates FLAI, an Italian company that manufactures high-end saw blades in Italy. This is the company that was acquired by Irwin Tools this year, also bringing within the organization, Marples Saw Blades.


Woodworking pros can expect to begin seeing the new Irwin Marples circular saw blades in Lowe’s home improvement warehouse stores in June.Pricing will range from just $28 all the way to $100.

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