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Lowes App Debuts for iOS or Android

Lowe’s jumped into the world of smartphones this week and announced its shopping app for the iPhone and iPod touch (no Android app yet). You can download either or both for free on the App Store. The application is simple and is primarily designed to give customers resources to help with planning and purchasing products & supplies for their home improvement projects. The app does a lot, but mostly in the area of price checking (based on selecting your local Lowe’s store) and allowing you to browse through items to find the best products.


Lowes App Features

What the app doesn’t do is offer any handy tools or functionality on the jobsite – rather it’s focused on the storefront. Here’s what is does allow you to do:

  • Research and purchase products
  • View inspiration galleries
  • Locate the nearest store via GPS
  • Watch how-to videos
  • Access product ratings & reviews
  • Share products with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • Use MS Tag scanning to extend the reach of interactive content (reviews, how-to, etc.)

The Lowe’s App is available free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or from Google Play store.


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