Lowe's Set to Hire 65,000 Employees in 2019 News & Opinion

Lowe’s Set to Hire 65,000 Employees in 2019

Lowe’s has announced that they expect to hire more than 65,000 employees in 2019. The majority of positions will be seasonal but there are some permanent slots along with some management potential.

10-Second Summary

  • ~65,000 positions are expected to open in 2019
  • ~50,000 jobs are seasonal
  • ~10,000 hires will be permanent
  • ~6,000 assistant managers and department supervisors slots will open
  • ~2,000 jobs will be on the tech side


From Restructuring to Hiring

Lowe’s recently started pulling back by closing some 50 underperforming stores in the US and Canada following the August 2018 announcement that they would close all 99 of their Orchard Supply Hardware stores. That makes the news of expanded hiring unexpectedly good.

Hiring 50,000 seasonal employees is good news for folks that want to take on some extra work during the busy time. However, it’s the permanent positions that should raise some eyebrows. With 10,000 permanent positions to fill, it’s good news for anyone looking for consistent work.

It’s not just for stocking shelves, either. 6000 assistant management and department supervisor jobs are coming up that will carry more career potential. The goal is to improve the customer service and the availability of some of their most popular items.

They’re also looking to improve the store’s website with 2,000 technology hires.


Now Might Not Be the Best Time For Lowe’s to Hire

I’m not saying that Lowe’s should hold off, but the job market for employers is awfully tough right now. There are currently more jobs than there are workers to fill them across the board. Of course, there’s still a huge gap in the trades.

Speaking to a local temp agency in central Florida, we’re told that the potential employees they have available “are the bottom of the barrel” in terms of talent and motivation.

That might make it hard for Lowe’s to fill some of those positions or force them to offer more compelling salary packages to attract talent. Either way, if you’re looking to make the switch in retail management or tech, you might find a pretty attractive offer from Lowe’s.

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Jason Duryea

Screw Lowe’s. Shop local. Treat employees like shit

Ray Long

Hiring while closing 50 stores?

Mike Treen

But yet they just ended the interior installed sales program.

Mark Griffin

They will hire 65,000. Of the 65,000 only 14 will work longer than 2 months.

James Westlake

An none of em will know which end of a hammer to use…