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David Del Polito
We were given a demonstration by Milwaukee and Hilti, head and shoulders above all other when it comes to power tools.
We also witnessed a demonstration from Diablo blades and their new line of carbon embedded blades, they will do a demo of cutting a cast iron pipe like butter, stainless steel pipe and steel nails. Unbelievable.
What are Klein Tools new tool line like ? What was the outcome of your Klein Pliers review ?
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Technical Support Specialist (not IT)
Appliance Service Division


I had a few misconceptions about why Klein Tools moved manufacturing overseas, then imported their products back to the US. This is a good read. Thanks for sharing.

[…] can read more about Klein Tools and its commitment to US Manufacturing online at ProTools Review or clicking the icon on the right.Wylaco Supply Company is the largest Klein Tool Distributor in […]