October 26, 2021

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Makita 18V Trim Router? You’ll Have to Wait

Makita 18V Trim Router

Makita recently introduced its first cordless brushless Makita 18V Trim Router – the DRT50Z – in Australia. The router features the same style base form factor as the corded version RT0701C, which is available in the US, as well as a variable speed control dial and a lock/unlock button. The rest of the specs, well, they just aren’t available yet.

Update: Here it is—Check out our review of the Makita trim router!

Our Take

Wait just a trim-routin’ second! Do you mean to tell us that our friends in Australia get to use this fine-looking cordless trim router before we do? Is it because of the time difference? Sadly, there’s more to it than that. Although there are a handful of reasons, we often receive tools after other parts of the world due in large part to the UL certification process. It slows things down in the name of safety – sometimes by years over our overseas friends.


Makita 18V Trim Router

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun speculating about the DRT50Z and planning our cordless projects for the great day when we get it in hand. Let’s go waaaay out on a limb and assume that this cordless version will be a lot like its corded sibling. If that’s the case, then it would have 1-1/4-inch horsepower, variable speeds ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 RPM, and a soft start. We can also safely assume that it would be longer and a bit heavier (because of the battery) than the corded version, which is 7-7/8 inches and 3.9 pounds.

Regardless, if and when the Makita 18V Trim Router makes its appearance, it’s likely to be a popular item. We’ve looked at cordless options from Ridgid on the Pro side and Ryobi on the DIY side and there’s a lot to be said for cutting the cord on this class of tool. With Makita’s laser focus on a blend of performance and ergonomics, I expect this model to exceed what we’ve seen so far.

The Case for Cordless Trim Routers

We’ll just have to wait and see. Although there’s not an official US release date, let’s talk generally about trim routers. Not only are they a good stepping-stone tool to larger plunge routers, but they are also a fine tool in their own right for decorative edges, flush cuts, shallow rabbets, and dadoes, and even dovetails in softer woods. You can quickly improve the beauty and style of a board or prepare its joinery. A practiced hand can even make carvings and inlays. There’s a lot of usefulness packed in a small form, just remember to use the same caution you would with any power tool. It’s a good time to review how to set the right router bit rim speed, too.

Makita 18V Trim Router Features

  • Same style base form factor as the corded trim router RT0701C
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Lock/unlock button
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Australian Apprentice cabinetmaker here just got my trimmer in Australia and decided to snap a few pics of it and whats included for ya


and yes carlos its brushless

Mike Treen

Australia? Does it spin the other way?

is a bruslees the trim router?

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