October 21, 2021

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Makita World of Concrete 2017 Highlights

Makita World of Concrete 2017

When Makita told us they had something the world had never seen to show us before the official start of World of Concrete, we started tossing all kinds of theories around. While we all missed the mark, we did know it had to be cordless. However, the new Makita LXT 18V X2 Cordless Rear-Handle Circular Saw wasn’t the only talking point at the Makita World of Concrete 2017 booth.

Makita showed off several new products along with some tantalizing peaks at what’s in development at the moment. With cool afternoon temperatures on Monday, it all started with Makita’s world’s first announcement.

Makita World of Concrete 2017 Highlights

Makita LXT 18V X2 Cordless Rear-Handle Circular Saw


Easily the biggest news of the show is the Makita LXT 18V X2 Cordless Rear-Handle Saw – and please don’t call it a worm drive. It’s actually generating worm drive-esque power through the use of helical gears that meet at a 45-degree angle rather than a standard worm gear.


The Makita XSR01Z (bare tool model) has a 2-9/16 inch capacity allowing the blade to cross cut 3x material in one pass. Our friend Keifer (Toolaholic on Instagram) shows us how it’s done.


Makita asked us and a couple of other guys you might recognize to make some of the first cuts available for the public to see and give them some initial impressions on Facebook Live (click the play button on the bottom left rather than the picture).

Makita LXT 18V X2 Chainsaw


OPE is going to continue to be a major area of focus for Makita in both gas and cordless sectors. Their beautifully redesigned 18V X2 Chainsaw shows off impressive performance to go along with its new look.

Makita World of Concrete 2017 - Clint in Chaps

Speaking of new looks… Chainsaw chaps as a new fashion statement? We’ll see if Clint gives up his trademark sport coat for good when traveling to media events from now on.

Makita Dust Extraction


Everyone’s talking about June 23 like they were Y2K seventeen years ago. OSHA is ready to set more than 600 pages of silica dust regulation into place and everyone is working on solutions. Makita’s LXT 18V X2 Backpack Vacuum and 18V X2 Corded/Cordless Vacuum look to be ready for some applications like concrete drilling.

How Many Watt Hours Do You See?


Watt hours are the name of the game when it comes to comparing battery capacity. That represents a lot of lithium-ion fuel sitting charged and ready to go on that top shelf!

What we got see at the Makita World of Concrete 2017 booth has us pumped for the coming year and we’ve only scratched the surface! We’ve certainly got a lot more to talk about and we’ll be bringing in the new circular saw and chainsaw in for review soon.

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