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Using a Hammer Drill or Drill

I see a lot of people using a regular drill to engage in projects that really need a hammer drill in order to be successful. A hammer drill is a type of drill that is designed for drilling into concrete, tile, cement blocks, and other similar-type materials. As the drill chuck spins, the bit moves in and out in a very fast jack hammer type of motion. This differs from how a rotary hammer works in that a hammer drill doesn’t have the drilling speed or capacity of those types of tools.


Editor’s Note: We did an extensive 18V hammer drill roundup to compare various high torque tools from all of the major brands.

hammer drilling

When using a hammer drill, it is important to use the proper type of bits designed for drilling into concrete type materials. While it is possible to use masonry bits in a standard drill, a hammer drill will allow the same holes to be drilled much faster and easier with less user and tool strain.  A good option for some would be to purchase a drill that will allow you to switch from standard drilling to a hammer drill function. Most cordless hammer drills, like the DeWalt DCK290L2 20v Max Hammerdrill which we reviewed, have this feature.


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