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New Southwire Tools Shown Off at STAFDA 2017

If you’re in the electrical or HVAC trades, you’ve probably noticed the massive growth coming from Southwire Tools & Equipment. Known for their wire, Southwire continues to push deeper into the tool side of the business. There are plenty of new Southwire tools to consider from STAFDA 2017, but it’s the Made in America series that’s getting the most attention.

K9’s for Warriors

STAFDA really kicked off with a casino party at the Rattle Inn in Austin, TX. With plenty of good food, drinks, and games, the goal was more about charity than tools. Silent auction items were sold and donations were taken to support our veterans through the K9’s for Warriors program. At the end of the day, more than $7500 will be going to help support our vets dealing with the effects of PTSD and other post-service issues.

“K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to our Warriors suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury, and/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service post-9/11.

Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.”

– K9’s for Warriors website

Innovative and New Southwire Tools at STAFDA 2017

Southwire’s Made in America line is making the biggest impact this year. The tools were publically announced on Sunday and the response so far is very positive. Southwire has more tools on their roadmap that they intend to bring back to America for manufacturing, so keep your eyes open for the program to expand.

New Southwire Tools Shown Off at STAFDA 2017

Cable stripping is another focus of Southwire’s. With the Southwire XTS-01 and XT Mini (XTS02), you can strip cable from #6 up to 1000 MCM without the need for the expense of a power tool or the frustration of a folding knife.

Southwire XT Mini stripper - New Southwire Tools Shown Off at STAFDA 2017

It’s not all about easier ways of stripping wire. Southwire’s Ratcheting Cable Cutter was also working the show. Easier than a long handle cable cutter and much less expensive than a power tool, this one is a favorite of PTR electrician, Ben Parker.

Southwire 600MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter

When the job is nearing completion, managing all of that cable and wire is a challenge. Zip ties work great, but as soon as you need to add or remove a cable, you snip it and throw it away. Not anymore! Southwire’s newest take on the cable tie includes their innovative hole system for hanging bundles out of the way. What they’ve added is a simple system to release the tie so you can reuse it. Smart and environmentally sensitive – what’s not to like?

Rounding off our focus on some of the new Southwire tools that find a niche between traditional methods and power tool expense is the Max Punch XD. This uses your existing drill to power the punch rather than hydraulics. With the ability to punch up to a 4″ hole in 10-gauge stainless steel, this is a nice fit for the Pro on a budget.

Southwire Max Punch XD Knockout Tool - New Southwire Tool at STAFDA 2017

Walk Around the Booth with Us!

Take a tour of the latest new Southwire tools at their 2017 STAFDA booth with us to get a closer look at Made in America, wire strippers, ratcheting cable cutters, cable ties, and the Max Punch XD knockout punch!


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