July 23, 2021

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Highlights from Festool Connect 2017

Festool connect

Each year, those lucky enough to live near Lebanon, Indiana get the chance to come over and buy refurbished Festool tools at prices well under retail. It’s a huge event for Pros and Shop Tool Reviews Director, Tim Johnson was there to cover it along with Shop Tool Reviews Chief Designer and Owner, Jon Bucklew. They call it Festool Connect and along with selling tools, Festool also shows off some of the latest and great coming to North America.


Festool Connect 2017 Highlights

Festool Hybrid Sanders


Festool Hybrid Sanders are on their way with a lot of anticipation, but also a little skepticism. Festool sanders are well-known for their ergonomics and dust collection, but can they be just as effective on battery power?

Initial impressions suggest that not only are they up to par but that they’re poised to be the best cordless sanders on the market. Keep your eyes open for a thorough review!

Festool Planer HL 850 E-F-Plus


There are planers that will give you a nice, smooth edge. And then there’s Festool’s FL 850 Planer with interchangeable cutter heads. It’s not just about swapping heads when the cutter needs sharpening or replacement, though. It’s about changing heads to get a variety of textures on your finished workpiece with a handheld planer.

SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw with Overarm Dust Collection


You may remember that Festool’s parent company is purchasing SawStop. So what do you do when you already have industry-leading dust collection and buy a table saw company?

The Festool influence is pretty clear with a redesign on SawStop’s Overarm Dust Collection System. With production woodworking at the heart of the saw’s design, keeping even more dust off your floors is what they’re aiming for. And of course, there’s that SawStop safety action as well.

Festool Offset Drill/Driver


Not really new, but definitely unique and very cool for awkward spaces in the DD-ES Fast-Fix Eccentric Chuck for the T 18+3 18V Drill.


With Festool Connect 2017 in the books, we’re looking forward to the some of the new innovations. The hybrid sanders certainly top the list as does further innovation when it comes to what will happen with the SawStop brand. But we know that this isn’t all we’ll see between now and Festool Connect 2018, so be sure to keep your eyes open to PTR for the latest from Festool!

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Thanks for coming to Festool Connect! We had a blast, and we hope that everyone else did, too. Thanks for all of your great coverage of the day!


Festool and Sawstop are just too darn expensive. And I don’t particularly like the company to begin with after what they did with Bosch.

Wesley de Nas


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