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Panasonic Home & Environment Vent Fans

At the 2012 International Builders’ Show (IBS), Panasonic Home & Environment Company debuted a couple new WhisperSupply-Wall fans. Panasonic is billing these as the only filtered supply solution in the market designed specifically to meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements for make-up/supply air. The fans are designed to be easy to install in both new construction as well as retrofit applications. The WhisperSupply-Wall FV-01WS1 and FV-04WS1 will be available April 2012 and should allow weatherization professionals, builders and contractors to tighten homes exceeding blower door testing protocols by supplying filtered air from the outside to meet the latest building codes.


Panasonic Home & Environment Vent Fans Features

Ideal for temperate climates, the WhisperSupply-Wall takes air from the outside, and filters it through a Merv 8 filter to supply clean air into the home. The wall-mounted models are easy to install and are equipped with an interior deflector that pushes airflow up and around the walls to avoid unwelcome drafts and assist with homeowner comfort.

Designed for 6” ducts, the WhisperSupply-Wall FV-04WS1 Panasonic Home & Environment Vent Fans may be set to either 20 or 40 CFM and is ideal for weatherization efforts, addressing Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) depressurization. Vented combustion appliances, gas and fuel oil water heaters, furnaces and boilers, need to exhaust all of their combustion by-products outside the home. In an air-tight home, it is possible that backdrafting of the combustion gasses may occur under negative pressure. In response, to assist with proper indoor air quality, Panasonic created the WhisperSupply product lines. The 20/40 CFM FV-04WS1 model installed near the appliance will help supply fresh air in case CAZ depressurization back drafting occurs. Both the 20/40 and the FV-01WS1 10 CFM WhisperSupply can be wired to work simultaneously with the furnace blower to supply air when it is needed.  WhisperSupply is also ideal for meeting green building codes by supplying fresh air into smaller areas such as the hallway or bedroom.

With incredibly quiet noise levels as low as 0.3 sones (that’s as low as they are allowed to measure), the new Panasonic Home & Environment Vent Fans are designed to meet ASHRAE 62.2, LEED for Homes and the new CALGreen standard.

Panasonic also debuted two 110 CFM WhisperGreen ventilation fans at the show, the FV-11VK3 and FV-11VKL3. Both fans include SmartFlow Optimum CFM Technology — which detects and compensates for additional static pressure — and Panasonic’s super energy-efficient DC motor. The fans also include a dual adapter for 4” or 6” ducts, making them ideal for renovation projects as well.

And, not to be outdone by any of the competition, Panasonic had the star of Holmes on Homes on-hand to lead a half-hour discussion on
energy-efficient home building and the importance of proper vent fan performance. This was followed by a Q&A session and autograph signing.

Available in April, the new WhisperGreen models are Energy Star-rated, HVI-certified and ideal for complying with ASHRAE Standard 62.2, the ventilation platform adopted by LEED for Homes, the Energy Star Indoor Air Quality Program and California Title 24.

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