August 5, 2021

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Power Tool Drag Racing is Today!

Power Tool Drag Racing is Today!

Everybody I’ve talked to who has heard of Power Tool Drag Racing is pretty darn excited. Tomorrow marks the start of the 2nd annual Ohio Tool Racing Championship and last night Jay of Ohio Power Tool and CopTool reported that “things are getting pretty exciting around the Columbus Idea Foundry this week. Lots of people are piling in this week to get their projects finish. It was probably be a very late night at the shop tonight for some but we’d expect nothing less.”

Well now the day is here, and Ohio Power Tool’s Coptool racer, called “The Reaver” is reportedly complete and looks just as menacing as its Firefly-inspired name. Their drag racing entry is made out of 1″ tubular steel with Flattened expanded metal welded to it for stability and general awesomeness. The machine is powered by a 9” Bosch 1754G grinder which, conveniently, has a 10” Milwaukee saw blade  affixed to it. It’s quite imposing-looking, and if the welds hold up then it’s sure to hold its own in the competition – though we think its weight will be stacked against it. One thing is for sure, nothing is going to hurt it!

At this year’s power tool drag racing event we’re expecting big thing, even bigger tools, and a whole lot of professional mayhem. As we hear back from the event, we’ll post photos and perhaps even some video of the more impressive power tool racing competition.

You can check out more build photos at Power Tool Drag Race’s Facebook Album. Visit the Ohio Tool Racing Championships website to get more info.

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