March 2, 2021

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Announcing the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards!

PTIA 2017 tool awards logo

2017 saw tool innovation that surpassed anything in recent memory. We’ve seen products introduced that we never would have thought possible just a few short years ago. The 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards judges had a really rough time selecting the winners this year. The choices for the 2017 tool awards were just amazingly difficult! When you’ve got over 260 entries into an innovative tool awards program, you’re going to see some really solid new products.

This fifth annual competition between manufacturers and brands always brings out the best in competition, and 2017 was no exception. Manufacturers are really pushing innovative tools, accessories, and even fasteners. That naturally results in tools that either perform better, have better ergonomics, and/or which present a real value to the Pro contractor or tradesman. Pro users this year stand to gain a lot from quieter tools, smarter tools, tools with less vibration, and battery powered products that simply couldn’t have existed just a few years ago.

Check Out the 2017 Winners!

2017 Tool Awards Recognition

We saw awesome new entries from some of the biggest brands. Lesser known and value brands also consistently had something to offer the 2017 tool awards. Smart Tools continue to push innovation to the marketplace, and some new players are getting into the game. Advanced battery technology also seems to drive more and more powerful tools into the market, with some drills that used to only work with cords. Overall, the 2017 PTIA Awards revealed products with increased tool power, unheard of run-times, and lots of new features.

We might sound like a broken record, but tool innovation doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This year’s 2017 Tool Innovation Awards showed us that the industry hasn’t run out of great ideas for improving tools.

For more great tool info, be sure to check  out our tool shootouts and tool buying guides.

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Eric Durst

On the topic of cordless circular saws – given that Makita created with their rear handle saw a new class of tool dramatically different than anything that had preceded it wouldn’t it make sense that they receive the award? Not to take anything away from the Dewalt but the design clearly resembles the earlier Makita. Shouldn’t the purpose of these awards be to recognize innovation and not incremental one up-manship?

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