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PTR Live Episode 108: Clint Forgets OPE… Again

If you didn’t get the chance to catch PTR Live Episode 108, you can still watch it in its entirety at your leisure. We recommend pulling the whole family together around a big bowl of popcorn. You’ll be up to date on the latest tool news and reviews, your kids will have tons of great don’t-do-this-at-home moments, and your wife can build that Honey Do list. Or just watch it on your on – your call.

Anyway, we’ve got a 1″ impact wrench with 2000 foot-pounds of torque, a nearly indestructible smartphone designed for the job site, and a blade that lets you swap your chainsaw for a Hackzall. Who makes that again, Tim?

In typical style, Clint seems to think OPE isn’t terribly important, but Tim gets through regardless.


PTR Live Episode 108

Hot Tools

Ingersoll Rand 1″ Impact Wrench (1:30)

Hitachi 18V Pin Nailer (4:21)

Extech Laser Distance Meters: (6:00)

Sunex 8035XT Service Cart (7:25)

Sunex Service Cart with Sliding Top Review – Sunex Tools

CAT Phones S41 (9:28)

CAT S41 Rugged Smartphone Review

Industry Update: HEPA Filter Requirements (13:36)

When You Need a HEPA Filter for Table 1 Compliance

Giveaways (17:14)

Pro Tool Reviews: Skilsaw Buzzkill Recip Saw (ended)

Tool Giveaways

Shop Tool Reviews: Sunex 89-Piece Chrome Socket Set (ended)

Shop Tool Giveaways


Head to Head: Does a 4.0 Ah Battery Do Twice the Work Of 2 Ah? (18:22)

Do You Get Twice the Runtime From Twice the Amp Hours?

So This Happened… Barber Chair (21:35)

Fan Feedback: The Case for Smooth Wrenches (24:00)

Tool Tips: Straight Up Drilling (25:30)




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