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PTR New Product Spotlight Week of August 12, 2019

PTR New Product Spotlight is a weekly article highlighting some of the best new tools and gear on our radar. Here are the tools and gear you should know about for the week of August 12, 2019!

Metabo 9″ Concrete Cutting System (T 24-230 MVT CED)

Metabo 9" Concrete Cutting System (T 24-230 MVT CED)Coming soon from Metabo is their new 9″ Concrete Cutting System. Yes, they’re calling it a “system” and not a “saw”. It comes with a CED shroud to control dust and the 9″ blade cuts up to 2-3/8″ deep. Power comes from its 1900-watt motor, spinning the blade up to 6600 RPM.

By swiveling the rat-tail handle, you can set the saw for easy use on push or pull cuts. Metabo intentionally leaves a generous open window in the shroud so you can see the blade and your cutline as you work.

What’s interesting is that OSHA required water for concrete cutting using blades greater than 8″. We haven’t verified it, but it looks like Metabo has Objective Data that lets you use dust extraction only. Just keep in mind that you might need as much as 225 CFM (25 CFM per inch) to be compliant with silica dust regulations. Check with your Metabo rep for specific compliance information.

Price: TBA

Available: Summer 2019

Learn more at Metabo’s website.


Milwaukee 4-1/2″ Trim Square (MLSQ040)

Milwaukee 4-1/2" Trim Square (MLSQ040)Every cut down your 6″ rafter square to make a smaller version? Yeah, several of our Pro contractors do, too. It’s something Milwaukee sees in the field and they’ve responded with the Milwaukee 4-1/2″ Trim Square.

It’s small enough to carry in your pocket with high-contrast laser-etched markings. The 1/4″ and 3/8″ dual measurement heel lets you get those marks down more quickly. In addition to the benefits of having a smaller square for trim work, it’s also much easier to use than a 6″ square to check the calibration on your miter saws and table saws. For just $7, every Pro should have a few of these on hand.

Available: September 2019

Price: $7.00

Learn more at Milwaukee’s website.

Makita 9-1/4″ Hybrid Fan (DCF203Z)

Makita 9-1/4" Hybrid Fan (DCF203Z)Makita is taking last year’s hybrid fan up a notch a larger diameter for better airflow. The smaller 7-1/8″ model (Makita DCF102Z) moves to a larger 9-1/4″ diameter (Makita DCF203Z). Like its little brother, the new model features 45º oscillation with three speed settings and automatic off timers (1,2, or 4 hours). It also pivots 135º up or down.

Using a 5Ah battery, you’re looking at 6 hours of cooling airflow on high 9.5 hours on medium, and 15.5 hours on low. It’s also a hybrid model and an AC adapter comes with the fan. Hey, it’s summer, keep your cool out there!

Available: Now

Price: TBA (the previous model is $86.99)

Learn more at Makita’s website.

Klein-Kurve Shear-Cut Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper 8–20 AWG (K12035)

Klein-Kurve Shear-Cut Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper 8–20 AWG (K12035)Klein Tools is expanding their Klein-Kurve lineup with a new heavy-duty wire stripper. This Made in the USA design boasts 4x the strength of Klein’s standard wire strippers thanks to their steel blend and heat-treating processes.

Ergonomically curved spring-loaded handles reach up to large, knurled jaw tips that make grabbing and twisting wire easy. 6 stripping holes cover 8–18 solid AWG and 10–20 stranded wire before giving way to standard 6-32/8-32 screw shears. Between those, cutting shears give you the leverage to cut copper wire, Romex, and more.

Price: $29.98

Available: Now

Learn more at Klein’s website.


Buck Knives Compadre Camping Line Expands

Buck Knives Compadre Camping Line ExpandsThe Buck Knives Compadre line of camping tools is getting a new look and feel with additional blade coatings and handles. For the blade, there’s now a Cerakote Cobalt coating. It looks a lot like a black oxide coating but this polymer-ceramic composite has better rust and corrosion resistance.

The handles get their upgrades thanks to natural canvas Micarta. It’s a slip-resistant material that’s strong and durable that creates a secure grip on either side of the full tang blades.

Here are the Buck Knives Compadre tools taking advantage of the new materials:

  • 104 Compadre Camp Knife: $125
  • 106 Compadre Axe: $150
  • 108 Compadre Froe: $180

Available: Now

Learn more at Buck Knives’ website.


Bomber Eyewear Prescription Glasses

Bomber Eyewear Prescription GlassesBomber Eyewear is expanding their line of sunglasses and safety glasses to include prescription lens options. The initial line includes 9 models, all priced at $25 for the frames and starting at $100 with lenses.

I went through their customization process, and for single vision, polycarbonate, polarized lenses, the total was $175. Plenty of other options exist and the price can go higher. The nice thing is you can custom-build your glasses online without the uncertainty of what the final price will be.

Available: Now

Price: Starting at $100 with lenses

Learn more at Bomber Eyewear’s Prescription website.



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