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PTR New Product Spotlight Week of July 29, 2019

PTR New Product Spotlight is a weekly article highlighting some of the best new tools and gear on our radar. Here are the tools and gear you should know about for the week of July 29, 2019!

Makita Cordless Dual Action Random Orbit Polisher (XOP02Z/XOP02T)

Makita Cordless Dual Action Random Orbit Polisher (XOP02Z/XOP02T)When you need to polish on the go, the Makita XOP02 lets you work from 1600 to 6800 OPM and up to 780 RPM without a cord. The brushless motor has two speed selections – one for corded power and a lower power level to extend runtime. No matter which power mode you’re in, you have additional speed control with a 5-position speed dial.

There are also two action modes to cover random orbit with forced rotation or with free rotation. Makita helps avoid damage to work surfaces with no-mar rubber protection in key areas around the tool and anti-restart in case you pop a new battery in while the power switch is on.

The kit comes with a single port Rapid Optimum Charger and two 5.0Ah batteries.

Price: TBA

Available: Summer 2019

Learn more at Makita’s website.


DeWalt 20V Max Pole Saw (DCPS620)

DeWalt 20V Max Pole Saw DCPS620The DeWalt 20V Max Pole Saw adds to their line of 20V Max OPE products focusing on homeowners and the kind of light cleanup contractors often need to do onsite. This model has an 8″ bar with a metal bucking strip that reaches out 10′ using its extension pole. It’s compatible with 10″ bars if you want to make the swap.

DeWalt’s internal testing results in up to 96 cuts on 4×4 PT pine a 4.0Ah hour battery. You can turn to FlexVolt batteries to double or triple that figure.

One thing DeWalt does a little different is angling the head. When you’re cutting from the top down, that should give you a bit more leverage to work with.

Price: $149 bare, $199 with one 4.0Ah battery and charger.

Available: Summer 2019

Keep your eyes on DeWalt’s website for updates.


Deenkee DK600 Robotic Vacuum

Deenkee DK600 Robotic Vacuum 03Deenkee’s latest robotic vacuum get a power upgrade with up to 1500Pa of suction. It defaults to 1000Pa and with a press of the remote, you can kick into high for tough to clean areas. That’s one of the “bonus” modes you get. Timed cleaning is the other in addition to

It’s shorter than the baseline Roombas in the same price range, dropping down to 2.8″ tall and getting under furniture pieces that other robotic vacuums can’t. It also runs longer, giving you up to 100 minutes of cleaning before returning to its charger. While that’s a hard floor estimate, this is a vac that’s perfectly happy making the transition to carpet as well.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with robotic vacuuming and want a bit more bang for your buck, give the Deenkee DK600 a shot.

Price: $219.95

Shop Amazon

Available: Now

Learn more on Amazon.


Ridgid SeeSnake C40 and M40 Compact Camera Reels with TruSense and CS6x Versa Monitor

Ridgid SeeSnake C40 and M40 Compact Camera Reels with TruSenseRidgid’s SeeSnake Compact camera reels have two new additions with the C40 and M40, both with TruSense technology. The big deal is giving you smaller, lighter options so you’re not carrying more weight around the job than you need. As compact models, these 25 mm cameras are self-leveling and run up to 130 feet. The main difference between the two is that the C40 uses a 6mm cable and the M40 uses a 7mm.

TruSense tech allows a two-way connection to the CS6x Versa Monitor and creates an all-in-one diagnostic system. It uses Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity so you can view what’s going on remotely and lets you record what it sees with the free HQx app on your phone.

The C40 does its best work in small branch lines and shorter inspections on main lateral runs. The M40 is better on larger branch lines and main sewer laterals.

Price: TBA

Available: TBA

Learn more at Ridgid’s website.

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