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Remains of Revolutionary War Heroes Found Under Connecticut Home

Connecticut homeowners dug up three skeletons likely belonging to Revolutionary War soldiers during a basement renovation of their 18th century home. When finding remains of Revolutionary War heroes in your home, plans tend to change quickly.

And, as it turns out, these skeletons may have belonged to soldiers who fought in the Battle of Ridgefield in 1777. Contractors found the remains when they broke ground on a basement renovation an early 18th-century house in January.

By law, owners must report any remains found in a situation like this to the police. This allows authorities to clear the remains from any active or pending investigations. Once authorities determined that these particular bones were more than 100 years old, they notified the Connecticut Office of State Archeology. Once they stepped in, more details about the skeletons began taking shape.


Bringing in the Archeologists

State archeologist Nicholas Bellantoni began an excavation that has resulted in the unearthing of a total of three skeletons. He had assistance from the Friends of the Office of State Archeology and grad students from the University of Connecticut. Bellantoni noted that, while determining sex can sometimes be challenging, this case was pretty easy to figure out.

“These were big guys. They definitely weren’t couch potatoes. Their bone size indicates that they were probably militiamen. Their femur bones show that they clearly walked a lot and carried a lot of weight back in their day,” he added. “Were they carrying cannons or other artillery? We don’t know what their role was exactly yet, but part of our interpretation of this scene is that these were soldiers. They were buried in a tight pit and buried hastily. One was put in first and the second one was thrown on top of him.

Bellantoni also said they found the skeletons in a relatively shallow grave, “contorted and confined,” about three or four feet below the gravel floor of the home’s basement.

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The excavation team is excited about what this discovery possibly points to, and this might be the first time that Revolutionary War soldiers from the field of battle have been recovered in the state of Connecticut. Bellantoni is optimistic that the area can yield even more information about the nature of what actually happened.

The team hopes to solve the riddle. Of course, we’re wondering how this might hold up the renovation of that beautiful 18th-century home! Hopefully, the owners accomplish both goals quickly.

Source: The Ridgefield Press

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