STAFDA 2017 Convention Video Recap

STAFDA 2017 Convention Video Recap

The STAFDA 2017 Convention was held in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Although their motto is “Keep Austin Weird” (and they do a good job of it), it’s inside the convention center that all the excitement tool place.

Not everyone waits until STAFDA to release new products – at least among the major manufacturers. But Makita is launching their new AWS system for cordless connectivity to a dust extractor and it’s a pretty big deal.

As usual, Diablo shows off their latest and greatest, including a big expansion in recip saw blades. Southwire gives us a closer look at their new Made in the USA hand tools while Milwaukee touts the latest in storage.

We’re excited about Hitachi is doing in the cordless nailer space, Skilsaw’s Buzzkill technology shows off more detail about its inner workings, and Klein is crossing over into several new trades with just one tool. And yes, you really need to check out the chalk reel. There’s a lot to see, but if you’d rather read about it, head over to our written recap. While you’re there, you can also check out the Facebook Live videos of each booth tour to hear it straight from the project managers and sales teams.

Here’s what you’ll see from STAFDA 2017. It’s in order in case you want to bounce around and catch a specific product:

STAFDA 2017 Convention Video Recap

See anything that you’d really like us to review? Or perhaps you were at the show and saw something we missed? Tell us about in the comments below!



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