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Tech Tool Belt Roofing Estimate App – Roof Sketch Pro

Tech Tool Belt has released its Roof Sketch Pro App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini (running OS 7 or higher). The goal of the design team was to produce an app that took some of the complex issues of creating a roofing estimate and use technology to not only simplify it, but make it easy to learn and operate. They certainly seem to have accomplished that with some innovative features. And we thought fuel powered roofing nailers were the pinnacle of roofing innovation!


Roofing Estimate App – Roof Sketch Pro

To get started, simply type in the address of the project home and Roof Sketch Pro uses satellite imagery to get the layout of the roof (you’ll need a WiFi or cellular data connected device) and helps the user start inputting measurements for pitch and add elements like hips, ridges, valleys, eaves, etc. Users also have the option to turn off the map mode and create a drawing from blueprints or onsite measurements. Select the materials you’ll be using, use the default cost settings or input your own custom price list, and you’re ready to produce a report and estimate for your client.


One of the features I really like is the ability to take a picture of the roof and simply draw on it. Highlight a problem area that has a specific requirement and make a notation to make sure that your guys see it. The app is capable of acting as a stand alone tool, but can also be integrated to with other devices so projects can be shared via Cloud.


The Roof Sketch Pro has 3 subscription plans available and Tech Tool Belt doesn’t lock you into a contract. Just pay month to month and cancel online at any time with no hassle. The Apprentice plan is $50 per month and will get you 5 projects each month. The Journeyman is $150 monthly and includes a built in image editor, 10 images per project, and 30 projects per month. The Grandmaster includes 80 projects monthly with 10 images per project and the built in image editor for $250 monthly. Each plan is designed for 1 user/1 device, but we are told that reps are on hand to build a plan that is custom for your company’s needs  based on the number of projects and devices you would like to integrate. After this, you just need to get up there with your Paslode CR175C Cordless Roofing Nailer and get the job done!

Still not sure if the Roof Sketch Pro is right for you and your business? Tech Tool Belt offers a free live video preview with an account rep to show you how the app works and to answer questions you may have. They offer their Roof Pitch Factor App for free that will allow you to use your smart phone or tablet to have the app calculate pitches to give you an idea of the quality product they offer. There is also a video tour available to walk you through the use and features of the app. For more information, please visit the Tech Tool Belt website.


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