May 7, 2021

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The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017

The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017

We know not everyone has the opportunity to fly out Las Vegas and see everything there is to see at the biggest trade shows of the year. To be perfectly honest, an entire week isn’t enough to see and do everything at World of Concrete. Still, what we had time for showed us some outstanding innovation from some of the top names in the industry. Here’s our look at the best tools at World of Concrete 2017!

Many of these are videos, so be sure to click on them to see the tools in action and get more details!

Hilti Banner - The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017

The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017


It all started Monday with Makita’s announcement of their new LXT 18V X2 Cordless Rear-Handle Circular Saw. That name is a mouthful (and don’t call it a worm drive!), but we’re going to bring you a lot more information on this powerful saw shortly!


So this isn’t actually a tool, it’s a sign. And it’s not the best, it’s pretty much a fail. The caffeine was effective though. What do you think?


June 23rd is when hundreds of pages of OSHA regulation on silica dust exposure becomes real. DeWalt is showing off their OSHA-ready dust collection attachment for rotary hammers.


The new Bosch Core 18 is a major overhaul of their battery line that offers increased capacity and power thanks to several key innovations. We’ll bring you up to speed with all the details in a separate post!


Bosch has updated their Bulldog Extreme rotary hammer bits with new carbide tip and flute designs to be optimized for use in cordless hammers.


Makita gave the LXT 18V X2 Chainsaw a major design overhaul with more balanced battery placement, a few new features, and excellent performance.


Simpson Strong Tie has taken their screw anchor to a new level by developing a stainless steel model perfect for corrosive environments.

Hilti Banner - The Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017


Dry. Cut. Tile Saw. We targeted IQ Power Tools before we even left Tampa to see not only if their Dry Cut Tile Saw works as advertised, but also to check the build quality. There’s no way we could have left it off the Best Tools at World of Concrete 2017 list! We’ll have much more on this impressive tool soon.


Metabo is reaching out to their 18V customers by developing a rotary hammer that runs on two 18V batteries rather than one 36V. One tool, two power options based on your preference.


Hilti’s DD 250 is an update of their DD 200 core drilling machine. It’s giving users 4 gears and capacity of 1/2 an inch to 18 inches along with a hole starting function and digital display to change the game for core drilling!


Coming out later this year, Hilti is working on a transfer pump attachment for their DSH 700 and 900 gas saws to control dust without dragging hundreds of feet of hose.


There’s HUGE news on the battery front from Hilti as their entire 18V lineup seamlessly transitions to 22V. We’ll bring you more details on exactly how that’s going to work.


Hitachi’s Rebar Bender/Cutter has been out for a decade and is still one of their most popular tools at World of Concrete.


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