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Top 5 Tool Upgrades That Need To Happen This Year

There are incremental changes that happen every year. The cordless sector, in particular, has seen huge innovation and growth because of it. While there are some really smart people behind tool technology, I have to admit that I think they’ve overlooked a few areas. Here are my top 5 tool upgrades that need to happen this year.


Top 5 Tool Upgrades that Need to Happen This Year

1 – Nailers That Can Shoot From Distance… With a Laser Sight.

Ridgid R350RHF Framing Nailer

This one’s a no-brainer. How much more fun would framing be if every day was a shooting competition?

Seriously, line ’em up, put the laser on target, and fire. Not only would we have more fun, you could post your statistics on Facebook for your friends to see. We could also create a social media network for Pro framers, trim carpenters, and roofers. The higher your accuracy, the more you get paid. It would take Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master to a whole new level!

Ummm… No. But Ridgid’s Latest Framing Nailer is Pretty Solid!

2 – Concealed Carry Holster on Your Tool Belt

tool belt review

If you choose to have a concealed carry permit in a state that allows it, why should your tool rig prevent you from carrying comfortably?

Simply take one of the inside pouches and rig a holster behind it. It’s concealed and secure. Smaller tool rigs for compact carriers and more comprehensive rigs for guys that carry a Glock 19 or 1911. This is so simple, I fail to see why this hasn’t already been addressed.

Choosing the Best Tool Rig is Still One of Our Most Read Articles Every Year!

3 – Solar Powered Drills and Impact Drivers

Milwaukee M12 LED Metal Flashlight 08

Come on, we can drive screws all day with the battery technology that’s currently on the market, there’s no reason why we can’t slap a solar panel housing on there instead. It’s still cordless, the weight drops, and your runtime is as long as the sun is shining.

Working inside or after dark?

Simply use the buddy system and have a coworker point a flashlight at it. Or if you’re working alone, use a really bright work light. Problem solved!

We’re Not Sure About Solar Powered Drills, But Here’s a Solid Flashlight!


4 – One Saw That Can Make Crosscuts, Miter Cuts, and Rip Cuts.

Festool HK 55 Carpentry Saw and Festool HKC 55 Carpentry Saw Review

Seriously, how hard can it be to create a handheld saw that has enough power to do both cross cuts and rip cuts without burning up?

Surely someone is smart enough to figure out some sort of track system to make an accurate miter cut.

Wait, Festool already did that?


Festool Really Did Do It. Check Out Our Review of the HC 55 and HKC 55 Carpentry Saws!

4 (Take Two) – GPS Tracking Systems For Tools

Milwaukee Tick Tool and Equipment Tracker

Raise your hand if you’re tired of people stealing your tools and not being able to track them down?

I REALLY want a GPS tracking system so I can see where my tools are at any given time. Then I can call the cops and have my drone in place to capture the action when they surround the building and take those rotten thieves down. I’ll be YouTube famous for the videos and get my tools back. What’s not to love about that?

It’s not GPS, but the Milwaukee Tick is Helping Keep Track of Tools!

5 – Lithium-Ion Backpack Battery

Husqvarna 36V Chainsaw with Battery Pack

We have yet to see the limits of lithium-ion power. I’d love to see someone come up with a backpack battery like Husqvarna has for their OPE for use with power tools. Suddenly, there’s enough battery capacity to run current power-hungry cordless tools much longer or jump into new classes altogether.

Imagine the first cordless demo hammer or power cutter! Actually, I think I’d just head to the hardware store for a steel shaft, grab a Minn Kota prop from Bass Pro Shops, and make a trolling motor for my kayak. Weekend fishing excursion anyone?

Take a Closer Look at Husqvarna’s Backpack Battery in Action on Their Chainsaw!

Do you think I’m on par with my top 5 tool upgrades that need to happen this year? What would you do instead?

Tell us about it in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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I definitely agree on the laser guided nailers and gps on tools. I myself would pay extra for that. So like you said in the article on the gps you can track your stuff down. Or if you loan it out and forget who it was.


Thought the same as Erik about 4/1/2017.

But seriously about the battery backpack, Hmm,…… hooverboard fires, exploding Samsung Note phone batteries, Telsa fireballs after a bad crash. Don’t think I want that many Ah of LioN batteries on my back much less being tethered with anything but a long bungee (i.e. in a tree) anywhere near a chainsaw blade while its in my hands. Plus with kickback and pinched bars, just a bad idea.


One tool that needs to happen, m18 fuel hackzall


You almost made me think that it’s April first already.