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Utility Knife Pro Lifehack – Do More Than Cut Boxes

If you’re a tradesman or just particularly handy, then you naturally value resourcefulness. You must either have it intuitively or learn it quickly to excel on the job or in the shop. Sometimes we don’t have a tool at hand and sometimes we just don’t have it at all! So we learn to improvise because the situation demands it. That’s the whole idea behind our Alternative Tool Use series, of which this is the second lifehack, or workhack, as it could be called. In the first article, we talked about the major alternative use for a square nose shovel. Today, we’re taking a quick look at a utility knife Pro lifehack.


Utility Knife Pro Lifehack

It’s no surprise that a utility knife is used for cutting all sorts of stuff. But have you ever used it for marking a cut line on wood when you don’t have a pencil? That’s one of the things our Pro team threw at us as a quick trick.

Utility Knife Pro Lifehack - Do More Than Cut Boxes

Yes, a shallow score mark may be harder to see than a pencil mark, but it’s a thinner and more precise mark, too. And if you’re framing or doing other rough work, making a score mark in the wood is not a problem. For finer work, make the mark either shallow enough to be sanded or part of the waste cut.

Utility Knife Pro Lifehack - Do More Than Cut Boxes

Even if you don’t like using your utility knife as a pencil, you still need a way to sharpen your pencil – which is easily done with a utility knife!

Bonus Round

For extra credit, here are a few other ideas our team grabs a utility knife for more – some more frequently than others:

  • Stripping the insulation from electrical wires
  • Scraping off or cleaning up extra caulk
  • Removing paint from screwheads
  • Whittlin’ when you’re sitting on the porch


We hope you’ve enjoyed the second round of our Alternative Tool Uses series with the utility knife Pro lifehack. What are some of the non-traditional way you use a utility knife? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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