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What is Copper Piping?

Copper is the traditional way to do domestic and commercial plumbing, with piping available from 1/4″ to 1-1/2″ and sometimes larger for special applications. It’s more elegant and “high end” than PVC piping and CPVC piping, but also a lot more expensive. Copper pipe is available in both flexible coil and rigid stick lengths. The fittings are  affixed by soldering copper piping together with lead-free solder or you can use the Milwaukee M12 Force Logic Press Tool system to literally press fittings together. Press tools save tons of time and are far more efficient that soldering copper fittings as they avoid having to wait until the pipes are fully drained and dry. You simply have to ensure that the water pressure is off before beginning to work.


What is Copper Piping – Expensive, Durable, and Beautiful

The two most common type of copper available is type L which is a thick walled pipe and type M which is called thin wall. It is recommended that if the piping is going to be subject to a lot of water velocity such as at the main water supply into the home, that the thick wall pipe be used. Home owners need to exercise caution when soldering joints because of the possibility of fire that the torch poses.

Copper is also one of the more expensive plumbing products available, and it’s pricing is subject to market forces since it is a commodity. This also makes it a common victim of jobsite theft.


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