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What’s New in Bathroom Tile? Remodeling Ideas

You may not think of bathroom tile as an exciting home improvement, but then again, you may not have seen what’s new. Innovation marches on, even in this category. No longer does bathroom tile have to appear cold and sterile. Manufacturers are using new materials to make bathroom tile, and they’re also coming up with ways to mimic different materials altogether. With the near-limitless amount of available options these days, we can’t pass up this opportunity to show you some of what’s new in bathroom tile.


What’s New In Bathroom Tile?

Traditional Materials With Faux Finishes

You can’t put hardwood in a high-moisture bathroom, but you can install porcelain tile with a hardwood finish. This gives the space the warmth of hardwood, but with the low porosity of porcelain. The same is true for tile that imitates reclaimed or painted wood. Or, consider cement, brick, or marble faux finishes for a different look.

What's New In Bathroom Tile

Metal Tiles 

Add sharp, sophisticated accents with metal tiles for backsplashes or even entire walls. Some metal tiles are even peel-and-stick, which eliminates the messy job of spreading mortar.

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3D Tiles

Add texture and depth to a wall with tiles of different widths. Because 3D wall tiles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles, your bathroom aesthetic can be highly customizable and unique.

What's New In Bathroom Tile

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles come in many colors and allow light to pass through, creating a new feel altogether. Since glass reflects light, your bathroom will appear larger and brighter. With such a large variety of colors and mosaics to choose from, your design options are virtually endless. Plus, glass tile doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance to keep it looking nice. The downside to glass tile is that it’s expensive, and it can be difficult to install.


What's New In Bathroom Tile


There are many more choices in bathroom tile than there were just a few years ago. Just as painting a living room can quickly make a big difference, installing tile floors and walls can really improve your bathroom’s appearance. We hope seeing what’s new in bathroom tile has given you some ideas for the next time you decide to spruce up your bathrooms. If you’re a Pro and you have tile tips, add them in the comments below.

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JC Clark
JC Clark

These are not new tile options. I was selling all of these tile options in the early 2000’s at the flooring store I was working for. I will say some of the patterns have gotten better over time, but we had wood looking ceramic, glass, and metal tiles from various tile vendors at that time.

Why not write about the difference between thinset, mastic, and epoxy mortar and why you need to use thinset or epoxy mortar in showers and NEVER mastic.

Steve Goad

Charity Speers Goad
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