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SATA Pliers Hands-On Review 2020 Models | Insulated and Non-Insulated

SATA Pliers Showcase Safety and Durability

SATA, one of the brands in the Apex Tool Group, has existed in the automotive mechanic business for over 20 years. Following the announcement of new SATA mechanics tools, the group launched a line of Pro SATA pliers. We got our hands on two of the 3-piece sets and used them in several applications. Both include a universal, diagonal, and long nose plier. One set of pliers includes standard grips while the other has insulated grips anyone working around electricity should appreciate.


  • Solid build
  • Comfortable grips
  • 1000V AC protection (insulated pliers only)
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Universal/Lineman’s pliers missing some utility, like a reaming head or crimper


Both of the 3-piece sets of SATA pliers present a pretty solid, meat-and-potatoes option for pliers. They’re plenty sturdy and hard enough to get through most tasks without a hitch. They’re also comfortable to use. For more bells and whistles, like induction hardening, high leverage builds, or more functionality, other options exist on the market…though those options won’t likely touch SATA’s prices.


Get a Grip

If the hard steel of the plier’s head could be considered the business end, the handles make them comfortable when exerting force. Both of the SATA pliers sets felt comfortable in hand. Both grip materials and the ergonomic design really work well during repetitive use.

SATA insulated pliers cutters

In the case of the non-insulated pliers, SATA uses two-tone slip-resistant TPE handles. These feel a bit softer than your standard dipped handles. I live in Florida, where hotter temperatures and sweaty palms prevail. This grip ensured I could use these pliers without gloves and my hands didn’t slide off. That’s a good design that came in handy when pulling staples.

SATA linemans pliers

Likewise, the insulated SATA pliers have the same two-tone, anti-slip format. Where the non-insulated version has something of a forest-at-night color scheme, the insulated pliers look like the company let Iron Man choose the color palette. You won’t be able to mistake these pliers in your tool bag, that’s for sure.

SATA insulated pliers group

Additionally, the insulated SATA Pliers have been rated to protect you from electric shock up to 100V AC. They’ve been VDE certified and built to meet IEC/EN 60900-2012 specifications.

In both cases, the grips have guards close to the pivot that keep your hands from inadvertently sliding forward.

insulated side cutters

Getting Down to Business

Getting back to that business end of the SATA pliers—with the non-insulated version, nickel-chrome alloy steel provides increased durability. SATA also laser hardened the cutting and gripping surfaces. The resulting tools cut wire up to a hardness rating of HRC40.

That means tackling 12/2 or even 10/3 wire won’t be problematic—particularly for the side-cutters and lineman’s pliers.

side cutting pliers

For the insulated pliers, SATA opted for a chrome vanadium alloy. While the go-to for most manufacturers, these metals ramp up the hardness while saving some time on the tempering process. We can’t speak to the exact forging/tempering processes used by SATA, but we anticipate a decent lifespan from these tools based on initial testing.

insulated long nose pliers

The action on all of the SATA cutters and pliers feels smooth at the pivot. They located the pivot close enough to the jaws to provide adequate leverage during use. Other products can supply higher leverage for tougher cutting applications. These tools clearly target primary use applications.

Missed Opportunities

The only real criticism we want to make about these pliers and cutters revolves around the linesman/universal pliers. Many brands now provide additional functionality, including things like a reaming head, fish tape puller, or crimper. You find none of these extras on these pliers, though most Pros can probably get by without them.

SATA insulated linemans pliers


The SATA plier sets can be picked up relatively inexpensively. The non-insulated 3-piece set retails for $31.99, while the insulated 3-piece set bumps the price up to $42.99. All of the tools in the set can be purchased separately, and they range between $10 and $20 apiece. All of these SATA hand tools come with a standard limited lifetime warranty.

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SATA Pliers Specs

SATA Pliers 3-Piece Set

  • Model: SATA ST70002U
  • 8″ universal pliers – $12.99 (bare tool)
  • 8″ long nose pliers – $11.99 (bare tool)
  • 7″ diagonal pliers – $9.99 (bare tool)
  • Steel: Nickel chrome alloy
  • Cuts wires up to hardness of HRC40
  • Anti-rust coating
  • Handle: TPE
  • Price: $31.99

SATA Insulated Pliers 3-Piece Set

  • Model: SATA ST09261SJ
  • 8″ linesman pliers – $19.99 (bare tool)
  • 6″ long nose pliers – $13.99 (bare tool)
  • 6″ diagonal pliers – $14.99 (bare tool)
  • Steel: Chrome vanadium alloy
  • Voltage Protection: Up to 1000V AC; VDE-certified,  IEC/EN 60900-2012
  • Anti-rust coating
  • Price: $42.99
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