Save Over 50% On Ryobi Battery 2-Pack With Charger

Grow Your Ryobi Battery Collection With This Home Depot Sale

In late February, we told you about a Ryobi battery deal where you could get half off a pair of Ryobi 6.0Ah batteries (that’s still going on, by the way). For today’s Deal of the Day, we found another deal on Ryobi batteries, but this time it hits the sub-$100 category and includes a charger, to boot!

You can get two PBP005 18V 4.0Ah batteries and a PCG002 18V charger for 51% off, bringing your total price down from $200 to $99. That’s essentially the same price as if you were to buy a single battery without the charger.

If you’re looking for a chance (or an excuse) to stock up on your Ryobi 18V batteries, now’s the time!

We’re not seeing a specified end date for this deal, so make sure you grab yours while it’s still available!

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Mark Duncan Sr

There seconds or reconditions or there stocks are down for the quarter or longer there knot going to give anything away! They would have to prove it to me. I was thinking about getting a new tablet saw looked hard at the Ryobi and liked it don’t know now what to think.

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