April 12, 2021

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Stanley Expands Line of Utility Knives

Stanley yellow utility knives

Stanley Adds 3 New Utility Knives to Portfolio

Stanley might make more utility knives than any company in existence…although several others seem to be vying for the crown. Their continued work in utility knife development continues to bear fruit as they released three more models. These Stanley Utility Knives provide the perfect solution for working with anything from drywall and shingles to flooring and packaging.

From the Company

Stanley has been a well-known leader in the utility knife category since the early 1900s. We take great pride in creating a legacy of tools known for their reliability. The new line of Stanley utility knives has something for every customer, ensuring precise cuts no matter the job.

Michelle Knapp, Product Manager at Stanley Tools

Stanley Control Grip Retractable Utility Knife

The line of Stanley utility knives now includes the Control Grip Retractable Utility Knife. The size and shape of this utility knife seem really optimized for precision. It features a recessed blade slider and a belt clip to keep things as unobtrusive and secure as possible.

Stanley designed the Control Grip Knife with a two-step blade release process. Basically, to change blades, you’ll pull down the locking switch while pushing the slider all the way forward. This unlocks the blade from its housing.

The STHT10432 Control-Grip Utility Knife retails for $9.97 and ought to be pretty easy to find at your local Home Depot.

Stanley Retractable Utility Knife with 10-Blade Storage

For folks who use a utility knife frequently, Stanley has a retractable model with enough storage to keep 10 new blades onboard. A push of a recessed button in the handle easily unlocks the storage compartment.

Stanley 10-Blade Utility Knife

The 10-Blade Storage model features a slip-resistant, bi-material handle and a curved design that helps out with challenging cuts.

Blade changes are even simpler on this model: simply press the button on the nose and pull the old blade out.

You can pick up the STHT10479 Retractable Knife with 10-blade storage for $8.97.

Stanley Compact Fixed Blade Folding Utility Knife

The standout feature with the compact folding utility knife ought to be pretty apparent: it’s the folding. Where the other two utility knives take the more traditional and orthodox approach to utility knife design, this model folds up to a compact 4 inches.

Stanley Compact Folding Utility Knives

It operates very similarly to your standard pocket knife. The Stanley Compact Folding Knife has a ridge you can press on with your thumb to unfold the knife, at which point it locks into an open position. To close it, press against the liner lock and fold it back over.

Blade changes are also simple. You can press the small button up at the nose of the knife and pullout the old blade.

You can purchase the STHT10424 Stanley Compact Fixed Blade Folding Knife for $6.97.

Side by Side

10-Blade STHT10479Folding
Easy Blade ChangeYesYesYes
Handle MaterialComfort Grip / MetalComfort Grip / MetalMetal
Belt ClipYesNoYes
Length5-1/4″7″4″ Closed
5-1/2″ Open

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