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Cordless hammer drill

Festool Quadrive TPC 18/4 Cordless Hammer Drill

Festool’s Redefines Cordless Hammer Drill Versatility Nothing is better than owning one tool that can do it all. That’s what Festool is aiming for with its Quadrive TPC 18/4 cordless hammer drill. With several design features to expand your applications, this tool could be the solution to your overflowing toolbox. Festool Quadrive TPC 18/4 Cordless […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Hilti Nuron Cordless Compact Hammer Drill SF 4H-22

Hilti Nuron Cordless Compact Hammer Drill Review SF 4H-22

Hilti Introduces A Compact Cordless Hammer Drill To The Nuron Platform We’ve seen some really cool stuff coming from the Hilti team ever since the launch of its Nuron battery platform. Many of the solid workhorse tools debuted on this system along with some newcomers. Among them is the compact Hilti Nuron cordless hammer drill […]

Best Hammer Drill 2021 | Video Review

We’ve done a ton of drill testing over the past months between our Test Track, speed challenges, power challenges, and more. We mentioned we were building up to something bigger… and now we’re ready to reveal the top 10 best cordless drills of the year. Full Transcript When we say they’re the 10 best, we […]

Hart 20V Brushless Hammer Drill Review

Hart 20V Brushless Hammer Drill Review HPHD25B

Hart 20V Brushless Hammer Drill Steps Up Performance In A Big Way Hart’s 20V system is full of useful cordless tools for taking care of the to-do list around your house. When you’re ready to take your game to the next level, the Hart 20V brushless hammer drill offers a boost in performance, runtime, and […]

Ryobi Hammer Drills – New VS Old | Video Review

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a ton of difference between Ryobi’s P251 brushless hammer drill and the new PBLHM101 HP brushless model. Well, other than the fact that the modeling number system isn’t as simple. A closer look reveals some differences between the two though. Wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade […]

Review9.7(out of 10)

Makita 40V Max XGT Hammer Drill Review GPH01

Makita 40V Max XGT Hammer Drill Sets a New Performance Standard for Team Teal We’ve been anxiously waiting for the release of Makita’s 40V max XGT line. Focused on higher performance than most of the 18V LXT products, we expected to get more out of the Makita 40V max XGT hammer drill. As a comparison, […]

Review9.7(out of 10)

DeWalt 20V Max Power Detect Hammer Drill Review DCD998

Get a Power Boost With the DeWalt Power Detect Hammer Drill DeWalt came out with a couple of battery-sensing lines: Power Detect and FlexVolt Advantage. After testing the FlexVolt Advantage hammer drill, we really wanted to know how the DeWalt Power Detect hammer drill compared. Pros Excellent performance with any battery that shifts to superior […]

Bosch 12V Hammer Drill GSB12V-300N

Bosch GSB12V-300N 12V Hammer Drill

Bosch 12V Hammer Drill Provides Pro Power at an Unreal Size The Bosch Tools 12V Max Hammer Drill (GSB12V-300N) offers professional-grade power from a package that’s lightweight and compact. With a head length of 6.7″ and a weight under 2 lbs., this makes an ideal choice for working overhead or in tight spaces. Bosch GSB12V-300N […]