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Milwaukee M18 Cordless 1/4" Hex Compact Impact Driver 2650-22 Review

Milwaukee M18 1/4-inch Hex Compact Impact Driver 2650-22 Review

The new Milwaukee M18 1/4″ Hex Compact Impact Driver (2650-22) delivers impressive torque for its size. The new 4-pole frameless motor not only reduces the size of the tool, it also maximizes its efficiency to increase battery life. This is an incredibly nimble tool that will prove itself to be invaluable in the field for professionals; though its higher price tag will make it a bit of a stretch for the average consumer.

Hitachi 12V Peak Cordless Micro Combo Kit Review

Hitachi 10.8V Cordless Micro Drill/Driver Kit Review

Take something that is good and make it better. That’s what Hitachi did with their new KC10DFL 12V Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Micro Combo Kit. Features like smaller size, lighter weight, better batteries and more power are just a few of the improvements that make these new tools stand out. In a market with many new tools in the sub compact category, it can be a tricky endeavor to add value and good features.

Bosch 25618 impactor

Bosch 25618 Impact Driver with 1500 in-lbs

Bosch is getting ready to unleash the latest Impact Diver to be added to their Impactor line. This new model will have 1,500 in-lb of torque and will be built on 18V Litheon battery platform. To date this will be the most powerful impact driver that Bosch has to offer and it will rival some of the best offerings from of the competition. You can plan on seeing the new Bosch Model 25618-02 Impactor available on line and in stores soon.

Makita LCT203W 10.8-volt Combo Kit review

Makita LCT203W 10.8-volt Combo Kit

With a new trend in sub compact power tools, many manufacturers are coming out with these tiny tool sets. Don’t let the small size of The Makita LCT203W 10.8-Volt Compact Li-Ion Cordless Combo Kit fool you because it packs a pretty big punch. With the Li-Ion battery small size and power to new motor technology, these types of tools are evolving into a new generation of pocket rockets.

Rockwell 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Combo Kit

Rockwell 18V Cordless Drill Combo Kit

In addition to participating in Rockwell’s new Free Batteries for Life program, the new Lithium Ion tools have a compact design, are lightweight, and feature high torque capability and a fast charge time. The new kit includes an 18-volt 1/2-in. drill/driver (#RK2810K2) and an 18-volt, impact driver (#RK2800K2). It also includes an 18-volt lithium-ion battery pack (#RW9161), and 18-volt lithium-ion charger (#RW9162).

Ridgid Fuego R968 18V Compact Combo Kit

Ridgid R968 18V Compact Combo Kit

The Ridgid Fuego 18V Compact Combo is certainly one of the most compact combos we’ve seen to-date on the market. If you measure torque vs. weight, this it has a lot going for it, especially the newly redesigned drill/driver and impact driver. The combo includes two compact lithium batteries, and like all Ridgid tools, it remains compatible with all Ridgid 18V slide-mount Ni-cd or Lithium-ion batteries. These tools also come with the insanely cool Lifetime Service Agreement that guarantees the batteries and tools for life.

Ridgid R842301 18V Impact Driver

Ridgid R842301 18V Impact Driver Review

The Ridgid R842301 18-Volt lithium-ion impact driver has 1450 in-lbs of torque and delivers 3,100 impacts per minute. Bit changes are a snap with the 1/4 in. Hex Quick Coupler. The Ridgid R842301 18-Volt Lithium-Ion impact Driver packs quite a punch for its size. With 1450 in-lbs of torque (quite good among the competition) and 3,100 impacts per minute, this driver can get the toughest jobs done.

Ridgid R969 18V 4 Piece Combo Kit

Ridgid R969 18V 4 Piece Combo Kit Review

The Ridgid R969 18 Volt Lithium-Ion 4 Piece Combo Kit includes a couple of great tools in one affordable package: R86014 Autoshift 1/2″ Drill/Driver, R842303 Impact Driver, R84081 MaxSelect Portable Radio, and the R849 Work Light. Also included in the deal are a heavy-duty contractor’s bag, two battery packs and a smart single battery charger. All the tools come with the standard Rigid 3 year Warranty and Lifetime Service Agreement. For pretty much the price of just the drill and the impact driver, you are getting the other tools as a bonus!