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Impact Driver Strength Challenge | Video Review

Torque ratings are commonly used to determine an impact driver’s strength, with that being said, we gathered 3 flagship impact drivers from industry powerhouses Milwaukee, Makita, and DeWalt, and used our tried and tested torque rig to determine who has the strongest impact driver. We’ve welded Grade 8 hardened bolts onto angle iron and fastened […]

Milwaukee 12V FUEL vs Surge

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Surge vs M12 Fuel Impact Driver

When the M12 Fuel Surge came out, we immediately fielded questions about how it compared to the standard Milwaukee M12 FUEL impact driver. And, being who we are, we wanted to see how it stacked up to everyone else’s 12V impact drivers. This article documents our testing of the Milwaukee M12 FUEL Surge vs the […]

Review9.2(out of 10)

Festool TID 18 Impact Driver Review

Festool TID 18 Impact Driver Finds the Sweet Spot Between Performance, Size, and Quality With the launch of the Festool TID 18 impact driver, our German friends are touting a long service life. It’s packing a an “extremely robust hammer mechanism” to go along with a new generation of Festool EC-TEC brushless motor. We put […]

Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Max Vs DeWalt 20V Max Impact Driver

Harbor Freight loves to market claims that their tools compare favorably with DeWalt. So we decided to take a little more objective look and see what the numbers say about their top competitors. Let’s meet the contestants for this not-so-heavyweight bout: Harbor Freight Hercules Vs DeWalt 20V Max Impact Driver. Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Max […]

Review7.8(out of 10)

Ryobi P238 18V Brushless Impact Driver Review

If you caught our guide on choosing the best impact driver, then you’ll know what distinguishes a great impact from a so-so one. No doubt that the Ryobi P238 18V Brushless Impact Driver would like to be in the running for a great tool. We’re going to find out today if it deserves to be […]

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup

Choosing the Best Impact Driver: A Pro’s Guide

Once in a while a tool comes along that makes us wonder how we ever lived (or at least worked!) without it. Just about every tradesman would agree that the cordless impact driver falls into that category. For decades, we tried to squeeze enough torque from our drills to drive long fasteners into hard materials. […]