October 21, 2021

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Festool Germany media event

Festool Germany Media Event 2015 in Stuttgart

When Festool invited us to check out their facilities in Germany, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get a closer look into the workings of what makes this company so successful at designing and producing serious tools for the woodworking and automotive industries. The Festool Germany media event, however, was more than […]

2015 World of Concrete Bosch Media Event

2015 Bosch Media Event and New Products at World of Concrete

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a private media event at Bosch’s booth following Day 2 of the 2015 World of Concrete expo in Las Vegas. Bosch brought all of its new tools to the show, including a couple we aren’t at liberty to discuss at present, but it was great to see […]

Milwaukee Media Event 2014

Milwaukee 2014 FUEL Tools Media Event

Kenny Koehler and Clint DeBoer attended the 2014 Milwaukee Press Event where the company is touting a whole lot of news centered around their brushless FUEL line of tools. There’s a ton of info on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter feed, and we’ll be posting lots of individual reports over time as we continue our coverage. The […]

Bosch World of Concrete

2014 Bosch Tools Media Event at World of Concrete

Bosch showed off a ton of new tools at the 2014 Bosch Tools media event at World of Concrete event in Las Vegas this week. Their two overall themes seemed to be productivity (doing the job faster and better) and help & prevention. With new dust collection systems, brushless tools, new accessories, torque control features […]

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Milwaukee Tools Testing Lab – Top Secret Tour!

If I told you all that I learned at Milwaukee’s testing facility tour I’d have to kill you… then I’d have to turn myself over to authorities so that Milwaukee could prosecute me for violating their NDA agreement and letting out the secrets of their testing methodologies and procedures (yes, perhaps the murder trial would trump any NDA violations – but that’s not the point). The point is that I got a tour of their testing facilities and have committed all of their procedures and data to memory. In the event of my assassination, this information will be released to the news media along with the truth behind the JFK assassination and the location of Jimmy Hoffa (in case you’re wondering, he’s still alive).

2011 Milwaukee Media Event - Cordless Tools

2011 Milwaukee Tools Media Event – Cordless Tools

After a nice introduction by Paul Fry on the history and direction of the cordless tool line, we got to check out some of the new cordless tools available from the 2011 Milwaukee Tools Media Event. This was probably the most anticipated part of the media event – I mean, who doesn’t like new cordless […]

2011 Milwaukee Media Event - New Accessories

2011 Milwaukee Tools Accessories – Media Event

Milwaukee is releasing the next evolution of their Ax SawZall wood blade. The newest blade is their 7-3/8″ long Rough-in SawZall blade. The new blade is very much based on the Ax, but is considerably thinner and made for cutting tighter radius’s. They claim (and we verified) that it can cut a hole of just […]

2011 Milwaukee Media Event - Corded Tools

2011 Milwaukee Tools Corded Tools – Media Event

Rick Gambaccini introduced the 2011 Milwaukee Tools corded tools in concrete and metalworking by restating their commitment to the company’s corded heritage. In particular, rotary hammers was a place where the company had some space (room to add new products and a history of existing products), but they didn’t feel as if they previously led in this […]

2011 Milwaukee Tools New Product Symposium Begins!

2011 Milwaukee Tools New Product Symposium

So we’re here at the 2011 Milwaukee New Product Symposium. While it has yet to officially begin (I’m penning this from the hotel room) we have a lot of anticipation for what we expect to be a very exciting time of tool previews and new product introductions. Last year, Milwaukee alluded to the fact that […]

Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools - Part 2

Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools – Part 2

Take a look at Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools. Jim Stevens showed us the new MX25 series of corded oscillating tools. This is a 2.5-amp model that attempts to differentiate itself by being more powerful than the competition and also including more real accessories. While that 72-piece kit you have from a competitor may […]