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D-Lead Paint Test Kit Announced by ESCA Tech

D-Lead Paint Test Kit Announced by ESCA Tech

Earlier this year we sent our own Thomas Gaige to get certified for the lead-safe removal of lead paint. One of the biggest gripes we had was that the test kits were made by only one manufacturer (currently Hybrivet Systems’ LeadCheck) – and they seemed to be perpetually on back-order. Now, the U.S. EPA has […]

New EPA Lead Paint Rules Increase Renovation Costs

How EPA Lead Paint Rules Increase Renovation Costs

We love renovating homes. It’s fun. It’s a way to give a house a fresh new look and update. And thanks to the EPA, it’s now a new way to gouge homeowners. New EPA lead paint rules take effect on April 22. They require contractors and trade workers to be EPA-certified and follow specific work […]

EPA lead paint rules

Prepare for New EPA Lead Paint Rules

There are only about five more months until the new EPA-inspired lead paint regulations take effect. Even with the date, contractors, and particularly remodelers, are still facing a bit of confusion on what the new rules mean, how they will be enforced, and how they differ from former rules regarding lead paint removal. As always, the government has made things more costly under the guise of “protecting” us from ourselves. Let’s discuss what the April 22nd deadline will mean to your company and how the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule will change the way you do business.