June 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros


Dust extractor shootout

Dust Extractor Vacuum Shootout – Makita, Fein, DeWalt, Hilti

In the last decade, dust extraction has definitely gone from “handy and convenient” to “absolutely essential.” This is particularly due to issues raised by the new EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) program as well as existing guidelines and/or rules put forth by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupations […]

Tool Shootouts

18V Cordless Hammer Drill Round-up

For me, the cordless hammer drill is arguably one of the most well-used tools in my arsenal. Anyone who uses these tools knows they have tons of torque, and the selectable transmission gears, variable speed motors and various drilling modes make them extremely versatile. In fact, you can drill and/or drive fasteners into nearly any […]

Best Cordless Band Saws Compared

Cutting a lot of conduit, all thread rod, small diameter plastic or metal pipe and strut channel are ideal opportunities to use a portable band saw. While this is not a new product category, I was really starting to see a rise in the popularity of the cordless versions among my peers. There seem to […]

Review: Cordless 18V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Round-Up

Pulling over a mile worth of Cat5e wire is a challenge in and of itself, but doing it all inside a two-story concrete and block building takes it to a whole new level. As with most of the reviews I do for Pro Tool Reviews, I tend to execute the real-world testing portion of the […]

tape measure comparison

Tape Measure Comparison Review – Going the Distance

From time to time it’s just good to get back to the basics. And I can’t think of anything more basic than a tape measure. After all, this is probably the first tool I ever used…I was three, but that still counts. Tapes hold a certain fascination, even if they are rather utilitarian. We still […]

Inspection Cameras Comparison Head to Head

If I’m being completely honest, reviewing digital inspection cameras or scopes is something I initially wanted to put into the hands of a licensed plumber. But then my brother-in-law and I tackled a large rewiring project, and I saw how handy they were in that application. Soon after that, another friend of mine asked to […]

Oscillating Multi-Tool Shootout Comparison

Since the patent expired on Fein’s MultiMaster oscillating tool, hordes of manufacturers have thrown in with their own brand of multi-tool to see if they might offer a better value, higher performance, or more helpful feature set. So which one is best? We didn’t know – so we got a hold of them all to test them out and see for ourselves. After reviewing no less than six multi-tools (nearly all of the available products on the market in fact), we have drawn several helpful conclusions on which oscillating tools perform the best and which you might want to avoid. While no single tool can be declared the winner, we try to offer helpful suggestions that show which tools cater to particular needs. These needs include build quality (ruggedness), ease of use, performance and value. We’ll examine each of these throughout this multi-tool comparison shoot-out.