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Best New Makita Tools 2019 — Pushing Cordless Deeper

We just got back from the STAFDA convention in Nashville, Tennessee where we got to see some of the best new Makita tools coming out at the end of 2019 and into next year. Cordless is at the center of the conversation as both the construction and lawn care industries continue their marches toward lithium-ion […]

Top 10 Tools at STAFDA 2018

Top 10 Tools from STAFDA 2018

STAFDA 2018 was held in Phoenix with plenty of excitement. The only downside is that the show ended too early for us to get around and see everything we wanted to. Bringing the list down to just our Top 10 wasn’t easy, but we made some tough calls and brought it together. To check out […]

Best Diablo Blades at STAFDA 2018

Best Diablo Blades at STAFDA 2018

Diablo is all about giving saws that run the gamut from DIY to high-end Pro the best possible performance with great cutting accessories. The best Diablo blades at STAFDA 2018 bring a focus in on expanding your capabilities with your circular and reciprocating saws. Best Diablo Blades at STAFDA 2018 Expand Your Circular Saw’s Range […]

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

Best Makita Tools at STAFDA 2018

Finding the best Makita tools at STAFDA 2018 wasn’t a difficult chore – they introduced more than 40 new tools! The challenge was just figuring out which ones were our favorites. Of course, there’s not time and space to break down every single one in this article, so here are our top picks from this […]

STAFDA 2017 Convention Video Recap

STAFDA 2017 Convention Video Recap

The STAFDA 2017 Convention was held in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Although their motto is “Keep Austin Weird” (and they do a good job of it), it’s inside the convention center that all the excitement tool place. Not everyone waits until STAFDA to release new products – at least among the major manufacturers. […]

Best New Tools at STAFDA 2017 03

Best New Tools at STAFDA 2017

STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association) is one of the best shows of the year. It gives us the chance to see a lot of good friends along with some of the latest innovations. And not all of it comes from the big names. With so much to see and concrete on the brain […]


STAFDA 2016 Coverage from Atlanta, Georgia

STAFDA 2016 (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributor’s Association) was held in Atlanta this year. This is one of the biggest shows we cover, not because of the amount of space it takes (World of Concrete is MUCH larger), but because of the number of tool manufacturers represented. We got to see plenty of familiar faces […]

2015 STAFDA trade show news

2015 STAFDA Trade Show News and Event Coverage

Every year Pro Tool Reviews heads to the STAFDA trade show where literally hundreds of tool manufacturers show off their newest tools and technologies to dealers and the media. At this year’s 2015 STAFDA trade show in Phoenix, Arizona, we saw a lot of familiar new tools as well as a couple items that took us […]


STAFDA 2014 Trade Show Recap

STAFDA 2014 took place this past Monday and Tuesday at the Charlotte Convention Center in North Carolina. STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association) hosts the annual convention each year, giving manufacturers the chance to show off the latest and greatest tools for potential distributors and retailers to consider. Since retail stores are where the […]

Diablo Blades

New Diablo Blades introduced at STAFDA 2014

New Diablo Blades Introduced at STAFDA 2014: The Pergo Blade, Carbide Recip Blades, and Snap Lock Hole Saws Just prior to the opening of STAFDA’s 2014 trade show, I had the opportunity to see the latest Diablo blades in action. Russell Khol, President and CEO of Freud America let us in on one of the […]