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World of Concrete

2016 World of Concrete show

2016 World of Concrete Trade Show Coverage

The 2016 World of Concrete trade show was once again held in Las Vegas—only this year it decided to freeze out attendees with gusts of wind and chilly temperatures that hung in the 30s. Even with the weather, attendance was high, giving testimony to the fact that both home and commercial construction is up, and manufacturers […]

2015 World of Concrete Bosch Media Event

2015 Bosch Media Event and New Products at World of Concrete

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a private media event at Bosch’s booth following Day 2 of the 2015 World of Concrete expo in Las Vegas. Bosch brought all of its new tools to the show, including a couple we aren’t at liberty to discuss at present, but it was great to see […]

2015 World of Concrete

2015 World of Concrete Coverage and News

This year’s 2015 World of Concrete promised to be an exciting one, and we saw announcements from Bosch, Makita, Hilti, Husqvarna, and many others. Our 2015 World of Concrete show coverage debuted LIVE from the Expo show floor via Twitter and Facebook and we recap some of that coverage (with commentary) here. All of the new tools that debuted at the […]

Bosch V-Groove Diamond Blades

We got to see the Bosch V-Groove diamond blades unveiled at the World of Concrete show back in January (read Clint DeBoer’s article on Bosch at World of Concrete 2014). Featuring an optimized diamond formula, this series of blades was engineered around the concept of concrete fracture/fissure repair and restoration. Bosch tells us that the key to […]

Husqvarna World of Concrete Unveilings

Husqvarna unveiled the new PRIME product line at World of Concrete Show in January. The PRIME family of tools is designed as high performance electric cutting equipment. At the core of the engineering concept, and to create the acronym “PRIME”, is the concept to make these tools Powerful, Revolutionary, Intelligent, Modular, and Electric. Husqvarna certainly […]

Bosch World of Concrete

2014 Bosch Tools Media Event at World of Concrete

Bosch showed off a ton of new tools at the 2014 Bosch Tools media event at World of Concrete event in Las Vegas this week. Their two overall themes seemed to be productivity (doing the job faster and better) and help & prevention. With new dust collection systems, brushless tools, new accessories, torque control features […]