Matco Stud Remover and Installer Sets

Matco Stud Remover and Installer Sets

Drifting over to the automotive side of the tool industry brings a necessary update in vocabulary. One example comes in the form of Matco Stud Remover and Installer sets. We’re not talking about taking the framing out of a wall and redesigning a space. It’s also not a tool that forces Chris Boll out of the room or zaps him into it – both are the wrong kind of stud. Automotive studs are essentially threaded rod or a bolt without a head if that helps.

With no head for a socket, installation and removal require specialty tools.

Why Matco Stud Remover and Installer Sets?

Mechanics are people, too. When a stud gets stuck, they’ll sometimes reach for a set of locking pliers to grab hold and turn it. That’s moderately effective in some cases. At least if you taking the stud out, no one cares if you damage the threads. Installing it is a different story.

With both SAE and metric sizes available, the promise of Matco Stud Remover and Installer Sets is to make the process easier. For both the removers and installers, it creates a temporary head that you can use a ratchet on to keep things close to your comfort zone of tool use. You can even turn to a power tool if the stud is a bit more stuck than you’re comfortable with tackling using a hand ratchet. You can also check your work with a torque wrench.

That said, don’t go grabbing your Milwaukee M18 Fuel High-Torque Impact Wrench for the task. You want to loosen the stud without risking shearing it off.

New Milwaukee M18 FUEL Impact Wrench – 2767 – 1,400 ft-lbs

As usual, the boys over at Shop Tool Reviews have the whole story, so head over there to check out the project they tested these on and their final ratings!

Matco Tools Stud Remover and Installation Kits

Matco Stud Remover and Installation Sets Features

  • Unique design allows the removal and installation of studs without damaging the threads
  • Each stud size uses one tool for removal and one tool for installation
  • The install tool allows the use of a torque wrench for proper installation
  • Includes hex key and blow mold case

Matco Stud Remover and Installation Sets Specifications

  • Item Numbers:
    • SAE: SR202
    • Metric: SR201
  • Fits the following sizes:
    • SAE: 5/16 x 18, 5/16 x 24, 3/8 x 16, 3/8 x 24, 7/16 x 14
    • Metric: M6 x 1.0, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.25, M10 x 1.5
  • Prices:
    • SAE: $118.40
    • Metric: $106.05

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