June 16, 2021

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Ridgid Twin Tube Quiet Compressor

Ridgid 200 PSI 4.5 Gallon Quiet 01

Ridgid recently introduced the 200 PSI, 4.5-gallon Ridgid Twin Tube Quiet Compressor with a decibel rating of 77 dBA. It features dual universal quick connectors to allow simultaneous use of two pneumatic tools, an oil-free pump, Ridgid’s StrongStart Technology, a locking regulator, 1/4 turn ball valve tank drain, and Ridgid’s 3-year limited warranty.

Ridgid claims that the new compressor runs up to 75% quieter than it’s competition. They’re also boasting a 61% more compact design in that same class. As with all Ridgid tools, you’ll be able to grab this from The Home Depot. It’s running $299 and is in stock at most local stores.

Our Take

Ridgid Twin Tube Quiet Compressor

The latest buzz in compressors (aside from Ridgid’s new 18V Gen5X trim model) is making very little noise. And that’s the whole point. Several new quiet compressors have hit the market and Ridgid refuses to be left behind. These new compressors are a breath of (pressurized) fresh air and are noticeably quieter in all environments.

The big deal with quiet compressors like this one is the ability to move your work inside an occupied space without completely destroying the work environment for people there. They’ll hear the pop of your trim nailer over the quiet hum of the compressor’s motor in the background.

One look at the Ridgid Twin Tube Quiet Compressor will tell you that something is different. The housing around the motor looks completely different than traditional designs. With Ridgid claiming 61% more compact size, it will be interesting to see what that means for storage. After all, 4.5 gallons in twin tanks isn’t something you can suddenly shrink, so the volume savings have to be taken elsewhere.

While the carry handle looks offset to the side, it does appear to be centered well enough for one-handed carry. That’s something we’ll have to check for sure once we get one in our hands.

Two connections, 5.1 CFM at 90 PSI, oil-free, quieter, and more compact sure looks like a winner on paper for Pros who need something more than a pancake compressor while keeping things electric and portable.

Ridgid Twin Tube Quiet Compressor Features – $299

  • StrongStart Technology for reliable starting in any power conditions
  • Powerful compact design making it up to 61% smaller than leading competitor brand
  • Locking regulator holds knob in place to prevent unwanted pressure changes
  • 1/4 turn ball valve tank drain – drains tank quickly with 1 easy turn
  • 2 universal push-to-connect quick couplers – accepts both 1/4 in. automotive and industrial plugs with easy single hand connection
  • 2-inch pressure gauges for better viewing of regulated and tank pressure
  • Ergonomic handle design for easy mobility and comfort when carrying
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

Ridgid Twin Tube Quiet Compressor Specifications

  • Model number: OF45200SS
  • Maximum Pressure (PSI): 200 PSI
  • Decibel Rating: 77 dBA
  • Air Delivery SCFM @ 90PSI: 5.1 SCFM
  • Compressor Tank Capacity: 4.5 Gallons
  • Lubrication Type: Oil-Free
  • Price: $299

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