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Bosch Full Force Technology and Nail Guns

Bosch moves into the area of pneumatics with the introduction of their Full Force Nailers. Theses nailers are a ground up fresh design that utilizes new Bosch technology that makes the tools 10% more powerful and 20% smaller. Along with the new nail guns will come a line of matching air compressors.


Bosch Full Force Technology and Nail GunsThe main development of the new Bosch nailers has to with the way the internal piston gets reset after driving a nail. In every other brand of pneumatic nailer on the market, the main body is large and round because there are separate air chambers inside that are used to both drive the piston down and also send it back home after the nail is driven. What Bosch has done is removed the second “return” chamber in their design which helped slim down the body of the gun. Instead, when you pull the trigger, the piston is actuated and drives the nail home, when you release the trigger, a smaller second blast of air is used to return the piston back to its home position. The results of this new design actually gives the gun about 10% more diving power and since the return chamber is eliminated the tools are about 20% smaller then the competition.

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The Bosch SN350-20F framing nailer (round head) and Bosch SN350-34C framing nailer (clip head) are the first two nail guns are being released and should be available anytime now. These guns feature robust bodies that are designed to take job site brutality like knocking lumber into place before you nail it. The next installment in the series is two wheelbarrow style compressors, one gas and one electric, both set to release in May 2009. The rest of the lineup includes a Bosch Coil Roofing Nailer, Bosch Brad Nailer, Narrow Crown Stapler, Bosch angled finish nailer and a Bosch Straight Finish Nailer and Hand Carry Compressors are set to be released in July 2009.

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Keep an eye out for these tools as they come available both online and at local retailers over the next months. Expect prices to be on par or just a little more expensive that most high quality pneumatic tools from companies such as Hitachi, Paslode, Bostitich or Senco.


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