Grip Rite GRTCH350 framing nailer Framing Tool Reviews

Grip Rite GRTCH350 Framing Nailer

Most of us know the name Grip Rite from their screws and nails but they also have a extensive line of common and specialty nail guns including the Grip Rite GRTCH350 framing nailer (33 degree clipped head model). Still in product development, this framer should be widely available soon.


We saw the new Grip Rite GRTCH350 framing nailer first hand at the 2009 International Builders Show. The Grip Rite rep we spoke too described the design and testing procedures that were used and explained that even though the product works good now, there are a few bugs that their field tests have identified. Rather then releasing a product and improving it along the way, they try to get the tool right on the first try. This nailer is designed to shoot paper collated 33 Deg clipped head nails that can range in length from 2″ to 3-1/2″. The framing nail gun has a weight of 7.8 pounds and has a 360 degree exhaust so that you don’t get that blast of exhaust air in your face when you are in certain positions like some other nailers out there.


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