Tiger Claw Semi-automatic Air Fastener Framing Tool Reviews

Tiger Claw Air Screw Nailer for Groove Fasteners

At the 2009 International Builders’ Show, Tiger Claw debuted a new “semi-automatic” installation tool that dramatically reduces the installation time for Tiger Claw’s groove fasteners. This Tiger Claw Air Screw Nailer for their Groove Fasteners allows users to facilitate the installation of their TC-G hidden deck fasteners.

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The installation gun can be used with Tiger Claw’s TC-G hidden deck fastener hidden deck fastener for pre-grooved boards. The fastener installation gun drives a UFO Ballistic NailScrew in like a nail, but allows it to be removed like a screw. To work it, you simply slip the hidden deck fastener into the nose of the gun and position it in the groove of the board with the gun flat against the supporting joist. The gun automatically enables perfect positioning of fastener and screw installation with the pull of a trigger. It literally provides a quick, one-step installation process for installing hidden deck fasteners

We spoke to Dave Martel, one of the Product Developers for Tiger Claw and he demonstrated the tool, saying that when compared to manually inserting the hidden deck fastener into the groove with your fingers, the gun decreases installation time by about 50%. For anyone doing a large job (or series of jobs) this tool is going to revolutionize the process of installing decking.

Tiger Claw promised us a review sample. We’re looking forward to putting it to task and seeing just how fast we can put down grooved boards with the new tool.


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