Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench Review Wrenches, Drivers, Pliers & Socket Reviews

Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench Review

When storage space is critical, the compact size and versatility of the Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench is an ideal do-it-yourself tool for light-duty tasks that might involve turning a wrench. With 16 of the most common metric and standard socket sizes represented, you should be able to tackle everything from furniture assembly to putting that new riding toy together for your child.


Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench Features

Essentially the the Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench is a single hand tool that combines 16 popular standard and metric socket sizes into one tool. The ReadyWrench is a fairly simple concept that uses two rotating heads that each have 8 different socket sizes. The whole tool is made from vanadium steel with a nickel chrome finish and the center of the handle has a nice molded in place rubber grip. The way the tool works is you simply rotate the head to the desired size and you are all set.

Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrenchThe one thing that you need to understand is that while there are 16 standard and metric sizes represented on this tool, most of the sizes work where “close” is close enough. For die-hard mechanics and those used to precision work, they would surely croak if they knew you were using a 13MM wrench to turn a 1/2 inch nut. The way to think of it is as a standard set of 8 wrenches that have been optimized to also work on their closest metric counterparts. Needless to say, for most simple applications that a do-it-yourself type person is going to run into, the ReadyWrench will probably do the trick. Each size is clearly marked on the sides of the rotating head with blue text representing metric and red for SAE. The overall feel of the tool is actually pretty good thanks to the snug fit of the rotating heads and a decent heft that helps to communicate that it is a quality product.

Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench - different sockets

The ReadyWrench almost replaces all the sockets in the background

Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench Testing and Use

Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench size chartThe Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench is one of those tools that while not really used all that often, really makes life better when its around and you need it. In our mind this is an ideal tool to add to a starter tool set for the college kid moving out on their own for the first time. Sure it’s not a socket or wrench set replacement, but for about 90% of the types of repairs that the average person would need those types of tool sets for; this one tool would probably do the job. The only two sizes that we ran into that we wish the wrench had was 12MM and 15MM. Since there is no close standard equivalents for these sizes they were not included. We used the ReadyWrench to remove and replace the blade on our push mower and also remove the nuts that held the training wheels on a small bike. Just to see how well the wrench fit on various size bolts and nuts we went though our office checking things like the attachment of the legs on a conference table, checking the tightness of oil drain plugs on cars in the parking lot and also checking the lag bolts in a side entry deck. Pretty much each time we tried the ReadyWrench, it worked with no problems. Occasionally we did noticed slight looseness in some of the nuts and bolts in how they fit into the socket on the wrench; but we kind of expected that given the universal fit design of the tool. The last big observation we had is that when working with a long bolt and nut, the ReadyWrench, by design, is open so that the bold threads can pass completely though unobstructed.

Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench application

Using the ReadyWrench to snug up a nut on a bike


Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench featureThe Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench is an innovative tool that really works well for space conscious customers that occasionally need to turn a wrench for doing simple household repairs. We wouldn’t suggest rebuilding the engine on your car with this tool. Still, given that it has 16 common sizes of both metric and standard represented, you should be able to tackle a lot of different tasks. For our Performance rating we gave the ReadyWrench a 6/10 since it works well for the occasional use it was designed for. For our Value rating, we gave the tool a 7/10 since it does cost less then buying the equivalent amount of wrenches and sockets for the sizes represented. For the person just moving out for the first time, you should definitely pick up one of these to keep in your tool bag.


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