Bosch 1644-24 recip saw Tool Reviews by Tool

Bosch 24V Cordless Reciprocating Saw (Tool) 1645B-24

Contributing to the speed of the Bosch 1645B reciprocating saw is the aggressive 1-1/4-inch stroke that removes more cutting debris than shorter strokes. Conversely, the 3/4-inch stroke length cuts with reduced vibration, facilitating precision and plunge cuts, in addition to cuts in thinner material. Pressing a button allows the tilt-back foot assembly to move forward or back to one of three positions, which adds to the saw’s versatile depth-of-cut control and extends the blade life by making it easier to use different sections of teeth. In addition, the saw features the Bosch tool-free blade-change system, which makes blade changes easy even with gloves on, saving you time. Other features include a soft-grip handle and rubber boot that absorb vibration–with the boot shaped for gripping–in underhand or overhand positions. The saw works at 2,300 strokes per minute.


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