Bosch SG45 drywall screw gun Tool Reviews by Tool

Bosch SG45M-50 Drywall Screwgun with Twist Lock Cord

The Bosch SG45M-50 drywall screwgun offers a 7-amp, 0-4500 RPM motor. Its compact design gives it increased comfort and control to drive screws all day, and Ergonomic Design for user comfort. Also, it features Posi-Lok Nose Piece Design that retains depth setting when removed and eliminates time consuming depth readjustments while 4500 RPM provides the optimum speed for drywall installation and metal stud construction, and its 101 in. lbs. of torque the best torque to weight ratio in its class.


Bosch SG45M-50 Drywall Screwgun Features

In addition, the Bosch SG45M-50 drywall screwgun includes a one hand adjustable and removeable nose piece for fast and easy adjustments whether working in a variety of materials or tight spaces, unique trigger design which improves user comfort for all day use while a metal gear housing provides lightweight design, and belt clip that frees up hands for other important tasks. Bosch variable speed trigger with forward-reverse lever for increased control and lock-on button for extended use applications, plus a strong bit tip magnet that maximizes control when driving long screws.


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