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Ryobi RP4300 Motion Alarm Review Tek4

The Ryobi RP4300 motion alarm is part of the Ryobi Tek4 cordless tools system and is an easy-to-use sensor that delivers both chime and full-out alarm modes. It’s 110 degrees of sensing provide a wide range of coverage that can encompass a nice 800 sq. ft. area. In our Ryobi RP4300 motion alarm review we found it to be exceptional sensitive for larger moving objects and the 68 degree vertical range means that it works well when wall-mounted. The included remote means that, while you can program the device with a code (up to 10 digits), it’s not necessary to access the device to turn it on and off – should you decide to mount it out of the way. The remote can be attached to a keychain or clipped to a belt as desired.


Ryobi RP4300 Features

  • 12 Days of Continuous Scanning Per Charge
  • Detection Range: 30 ft.
  • Detection angle: 110 Degrees (up to 800 square feet of motion detection coverage
  • Programmable Key Pad (w/up to 10 digit codes)
  • Dual Alarm Modes (high pitched deterrent and chime
  • Mounting Options: screw mount holes, accessory bracket, self-standing
  • Impact, dust, and water resistant

Ryobi RP4300 Motion Alarm Review Conclusions

We liked the simplicity of the Sensing Alarm. It’s a device that doesn’t overthink itself. You literally set the arm/disarm code and then have the option of configuring Chime or Alarm. Beyond that your activities are limited to arming and disarming the device. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. We tested it in our home and couldn’t “beat” the system. Even moving at an extremely slow pace we set it off every time and could only manage a couple of inches at a snail’s pace before we tripped it. This is the perfect device for scaring off would-be thieves or deterring people from areas deemed “off limits” such as storage rooms and equipment closets. At a retail price of just $40 about the only negative we could think of was the annoyance of having to charge the batteries (and wait 5 hours) rather than simply dump a fresh set of AAs or a 9V into place. Still, this is a product we could see a lot of people purchasing for piece of mind.


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The remot dasent workk!!!!!!!