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DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery

DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery

DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery Now Available!

The DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery adds run time to your favorite 12 volt DeWalt power tools. The additional 0.5 amp hour may seem small, but it represents a 33% increase over the previous 1.5 amp hour models. With the Lithium-ion end of the tool world looking at advancement in the 18 volt and 20 volt end of the spectrum, it’s good to know that some manufacturers are still improving the 12 volt systems. Ward Smith gave us his thoughts on the new battery packs:

“The new DCB127 includes the same cold weather performance as our previous 12V MAX* battery packs, and can be fully charged in up to 90 minutes,” says Ward Smith, product manager, DEWALT. “Now users of our 12V MAX* power tools can benefit from extreme runtime performance. With the DCB127, there is no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge, resulting in a fast charge time.”

So you can expect a full charge cycle to take about 90 minutes. The new DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery is compatible with all of the DeWalt 12 volt Max tools. The additional run time improvement does not affect the weight of the battery pack all that much. We are told that it is comparable in both size and weight to its 1.5 amp hour predecessor. The suggested retail price for the DCB127 is $49.99 with a pack of two available for $79.99. The batteries come with DeWalt’s standard 3 year limited warranty, 1 year service agreement, and 90 day money back guarantee.

DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery Summary

  • Model: DCB127
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amp Hours: 2.0 aH
  • Charge Cycle: 90 minutes
  • Retail Pricing: $49.99 (single battery), $79.99 (twin pack)
  • Warranty: 3 year limited, 1 year service agreement, 90 day money back guarantee

For more information on the new DeWalt 12V Max 2Ah Battery, visit DeWalt’s website by clicking here. You can pick them up anywhere that DeWalt tools are sold, including online retailers.

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