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DeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit DCT416S1 Preview

Near the end of 2010, DeWalt announced its first 12V MAX Infrared (IR) Thermometer, the DCT414S1. As the company continues to expand its 12V MAX cordless platform, they went all out on the mac-daddy model, the DeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit (model DCT416S1). Half IR thermometer, half thermal imager, it’s been engineered to go far beyond to display both visual and thermal images on the integrated full-color LCD screen. You can even blend the images together in order to really pinpoint an issue. This is very handy when troubleshooting electrical panels or heating and cooling leaks. It’s certainly a much more advanced product, and one that is going to turn some heads.


TheDeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit just might be the perfect tool for electricians and HVAC service technicians. We could also see a select group of weatherization experts whipping these out and scoping out a home’s trouble-zones, Star Trek-style. From overloaded circuits or wiring issues, to checking duct temperature, this is an incredible diagnostics tool for pros who require advanced functionality and performance.

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imager

“The DeWalt Innovation Team recognized the need for a tool that combines the compact size and value of the existing 12V MAX IR Thermometer with the high-functionality of a traditional thermal camera. With the launch of the new Imaging Thermometer, we’re excited to offer an innovative jobsite solution that measures temperature, reports results in an easy-to-read display, and clearly pinpoints trouble spots at a price point more accessible to contractors.”

– Christine Potter, director of marketing, DeWalt

The new imaging thermometer measures between 14- and 480-degrees Fahrenheit. And, as we mentioned earlier, the integrated 2.2-inch color LCD screen can toggle between thermal, camera, or a thermal-blended image. The thermal images use the standard blue-red-yellow color range to depict cold and warm temperatures, and visual images are transmitted from the onboard camera to display actual photos of the surface being scanned. A target helps you know you’re focusing on the proper measurement point, or location.

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imager screen 1 DeWalt 12V Thermal Imager screen 2

By offering the innovative image blend feature, professionals can document and transmit information back to the office for their records, or even communicate in a more powerful way with clients regarding their measurements. The DCT416S1’s micro SD card makes this practical when capturing data on-site, and DeWalt even included report-writing software for further analysis of trouble spots.

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit DeWalt 12V Thermal Imaging Kit display

Dialing into the nitty-gritty, there’s a tracking feature that, once enabled, automatically shows the hottest and coldest spots in the viewing area through the use of a red and blue cursor. The tool continues to be very ergonomic as well, weighing next to nothing and actually having a shorter “barrel” than the DCT414S1, placing some of the electronics upwards above the LCD screen. Underneath the screen are 6 control buttons, and the screen has a slight shroud for aiding with glare reduction. There’s even a sliding lens cover to cover the lens and protect it from environmental damage.

DeWalt 12V Thermal Imager SD card

The DCT416S1 will be available in June 2012 through industrial distributors. The kit will include the DCT416 imaging thermometer, a micro SD card, report writing software, one 12V MAX Lithium-ion battery pack, a fast charger, and a kit box. The tool is expected to retail for $999, and it will come with a 3-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.


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